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Complete Video Course

More than 80 videos containing all the information you need to get started playing guitar. Throughout this course, we are going to be taking you from a complete beginner  to the point where you can start to learn some of the 'Strat Style' songs that you have seen me cover on Youtube. Even though we will be learning lots of techniques and songs that aren't really in this Strat Style, we will always have a focus in the back of our minds on equipping you with the tools you need for this style in particular.

There is 14 sections in this course, each with their own set of lessons/videos


Guitar Terms

Gear Talk

Tuning Your Guitar

Fretting Notes

Basic Open Chords

Strumming & Songs

Barre Chords

F & B

Hendrix Style Chords

Extra Techniques




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Resource eBook

The Resource ebook included with this course contains all the written information covered in the videos, including Gear, Chords, Scales, Techniques etc. This 111 page ebook is intended to be used as an accompaniment to the video courses. It contains the slides that are shown in the videos themselves.



Get exclusive access to the Official Jamie Harrison Guitar Facebook Group a private Facebook group with thousands of users from all over the world all helping each other out and discussing this style of guitar playing. A very supportive place where you can ask others opinions, read others experiences and post up pictures and videos to help you learn. We don’t allow the general public into this group so anything you post stays strictly between us. For common questions about the group click here. A hugely valuable resource open only for jamieharrisonguitar.com customers!

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**Please Note: This course is designed for complete beginners and does not cover any intermediate/advanced techniques that you see in my covers. These techniques are covered in my other courses, whereas this is a complete beginners course to get you up and running on guitar so that you can then start taking the more advanced courses. This course is included FREE in the Everything Bundle.

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