The JHG Roadmap

Overwhelmed? Not sure where to start? Want some structure in your guitar life? The JHG Roadmap will suggest a structured journey you should take through my courses, based on difficulty level. We will start at the easiest, and proceed to the most difficult. For each level of difficulty, there are multiple options of songs and courses to learn. You can choose any option, in any level, but I suggest you complete all courses in each level before proceeding to the next level.

Level 1 - The Health Screen
The Ultimate Beginners Guide
The basics. Start from the very beginning. This course is a general beginners course, but is also focused towards the Strat Style. Even if you are not a beginner, you should at least flick through this course and make sure you are up to speed with everything it contains.
Level 1 - The Health Screen
Level 2 - Meal Prep
Crossing the Bridge
Get started on learning songs in this style by learning 6 simple songs (or simplified versions of not so simple songs). Each song covers a very specific element of this style that makes it important to learn.
Level 2 - Meal Prep
Music Theory Essentials
Get started on learning songs in this style by learning 6 simple songs (or simplified versions of not so simple songs). Each song covers a very specific element of this style that makes it important to learn.
Level 3 - Makin' Gainz
Bold As Love
A Great 'Primer' song to prepare you for the advanced section of this style
Level 3 - Makin' Gainz
Just a Good, Solid & Simple Acoustic Jam. Good use of chords in this song
The CAGED System
The system that 90% of this style can be Based upon
Level 4 - The 'Pump'
Slow Dancing In A Burning Room
Sweet melodies, Roaring Solos, Basic Looping. The epitome of what I do.
Level 4 - The 'Pump'
Little Wing
Life Without You
This song, while fairly basic in it's arrangement and layout, is an absolute beast for bending.
The Wind Cries Mary
Learn up to the second Solo and come back to that solo later if you like. Leave the looping for now.
Hey Joe
With the exception of some of the licks in the second solo, this should be achievable in this level. Also, it's Hey Joe.

Your Supplement Regime

None of these courses require a particular ‘skill’ level’ and are only dependent on your appetite to learn them . They can be taken and re-taken
at any time throughout your Guitar Journey

Record Yourself
Everything you need to know to record your performance onto your computer
My Gear Rig
Wonder how I get my guitar tone? See a breakdown of my entire rig and my thoughts on tone, from my amplifier to my guitar to my pedals. All tied up with my concluding advice about tone in general.
My Studio Gear
Beyond my guitar equipment, there’s a second layer to getting my guitar sound to your ears. My recording equipment! In this course I show you exactly what I use to record in my humble home studio.
5 "Don't Need To Knows"
Every guitar teacher seems to be talking about 'adding skills' to your playing. Here, I talk about taking stuff away! Removing what you don't need so you can better focus on what you do need. The problem with adding and adding and adding is that we never really master any one thing.
The Mastery Collection
The Mastery Collection is made up of four courses that focus on mastering some of the very specific and 'specialized' information that is relevant for both this style and you as a guitar player. The courses in the mastery collection include a special focus on the 'thumb-over' technique widely used in this style, the rake, another widely used technique in this style, mastering useful online tools to help you on your guitar journey, and mastering the setup and maintenance of your instrument and amplifier.
Level 5 - 'I am a Badass'
Tricky Chord shapes and Harmonics make Gravity that little bit more difficult.
Level 5 - 'I am a Badass'
Sultans of Swing
Sultans, while somewhat in a similar style, deviates a little and uses primarily thumb and forefinger. It's also long.
Level 6 - Beast Mode
I Shot The Sheriff
On the surface, this doesn't seem very tricky, but the groove and it's sheer length puts this song here. Simple and fun looping however, so a good song to jam to.
Level 6 - Beast Mode
Ain't No Sunshine
Getting the 'claw method' perfect is the challenge here. Also a few fast licks, and 'slap' techniques which can be tricky.
Bluesy Wednesday
A short piece, so it is easy in that sense, but it requires a very advanced, delicate touch to sound right. Easy to play, hard to nail.
Gimme Shelter
This song is more of a level 4 song in terms of difficulty, but it's here because of it's open tuning.
Final level 'You Win Guitar'
The Acoustic Crown goes to Neon. To date, undoubtedly the hardest song. I teach. Again not so hard to play, but incredibly difficult to master.
Final level 'You Win Guitar'
Don't get me wrong, some of the other songs on the other levels 'flashes' of more challenging parts, but I think as an overall piece, Lenny takes the crown.
Don't forget Leg Day!!!
Music Theory Mastery
This course can really be taken whenever you like, but I highly suggest it later on in your journey. It's theory, so let's face it, it's not the most fun course (though I've done my best to make it as enjoyable as possible), so it makes more sense to take this when you are fully invested into guitar and it won't put you off
Don't forget Leg Day!!!