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These courses are digital, so can be delivered anywhere in the world. Once you complete your purchase, you will be sent an email with your username and password, which will give you access immediately to your account on where you will be able to view all the courses you have bought. No shipping fees, no need for DVD drives, and no waiting around for products to arrive. Get started immediately!


Of course! Because I am located in Europe, pounds are an efficient currency to use, especially for all of the boring accounting and taxes stuff. Just make your purchase using Paypal or a credit/debit card and they will handle converting your currency into pounds. If international transactions aren’t something you often do and the transaction won’t process, you might need to contact Paypal support or your credit card company to authorize the transaction. Sadly, I don’t control the conversion rates or whether your financial institution charges fees or whether VAT is imposed. I receive ONLY the amount listed for the course (less what I’m charged by Paypal and my credit card processing company).

WARNING: Please do not use any links or discount codes from any sort of external ‘coupon’ sites. These sites are not affiliated in any way with and provide fake offers and links claiming you will receive products and offers that you will not receive. Their goal is to try and get you to buy through their links by lying to you about special offers or deals, and then try and claim money from me from an affiliate program. They are doing this with many sites, scamming legitimate businesses and lying to people and you should never use or support them.

The discount code field is mainly reserved for previous customers who have very specific requirements and need to upgrade their course(s) but have already paid something towards that course. for example. I also have provided discount codes in the past for some rare sales during the year, such as Black Weekend, or when someone wants to buy a course as a gift for someone else, discount codes can be one way to get this done. Unfortunately, these are not codes you will find scattered around the internet, and there are no ‘regular’ codes that you will be able to use at any time.

Sometimes your payment will fail and you won’t receive your courses. This is most often due to a block that your credit card company has on your card for international payments as my company is based in Ireland. Even if you buy online regularly, this can still occur as the credit card company might have a list of ‘approved’ retailers (amazon etc) for which it might work fine, but it’s unlikely that little old made that list! 😀 All you usually have to do is contact your credit card provider and tell them to allow the payment, or else just pay with Paypal (you don’t need a Paypal account to do this and it’s very straightforward).

Technical Info

All courses are digital, so will be delivered immediately upon purchase. The pictures shown for each course are just the images for ‘e-products’ ie. electronic products. It is standard nowadays with online and digital products to have such images representing them. They are for demonstration purposes only and you will not receive any physical items when you purchase a course. You will receive all material by video, pdf and guitar pro (tab) format, so you can print out the material yourself as you follow along with the videos.

Yes, these courses will work on all devices. The videos can be streamed on my website, but you can also stream/download the courses with the JHG App which is free on the App Store and Play Store. The course material is primarily made up of pdf files which are standard files and can be read on most devices. If you want to download some of the content to view offline, you will have to ensure that you have enough free space on your device.

Yes, you can use these courses offline on your device by downloading them via the free JHG App. Please note that if you download any files directly to your device, it will affect your refund policy. See the ‘Refund Policy’ section below for more details.

As English is my main language, the videos found in these courses are spoken in English. However, there are subtitles available in the following languages:
The subtitles are provided through Google Translate so will be far from perfect, but they are included to make life a little easier for those not fluent in English.

Skill Level

Most of the songs I teach are certainly not for beginners, no, but I have provided a course for people starting out, called the ‘Ultimate Beginners Guide (to Strat Style Guitar)”. This is your starting point if you’re picking up a guitar for the first time, or if you only have a very basic knowledge of guitar. This will give you a good Primer to get to the point of being able to learn these songs, but I would suggest that you also supplement this course by learning other songs outside of this course. Your muscles simply need time to get to the point of being able to play proficiently, and while you might understand everything in the Beginners Course, you’ll still need to put the time in yourself before you go into the songs, all guns blazing. Unfortunately, this can’t be rushed, and although this is the most direct route to getting where you want to go, be optimistic but not unrealistic. This will take patience and plenty of work no matter what way you approach it.
As far as the songs go, if I was one of these online marketing gurus, I would say that this is ‘for people of all levels’ so that I could sell more, but honestly, if you’re a complete beginner, I would say that the songs will probably be quite difficult for you without having completed the beginners courses. I do assume a basic knowledge of the guitar and certain terms and move through the course relatively fast. It still can be done, with enough practice, I just wouldn’t call them ‘beginners courses’.

It’s also a very difficult thing for me to say, as I haven’t seen you play, and I also don’t know how dedicated and willing you are to put a real effort into mastering this style. It does take time and effort, so don’t expect the skills it requires to just fall into your lap once you buy the course. I do believe that pretty much anyone can learn this style, but for instance, it may take a month for a more advanced player to truly master, whereas it might take a year for a beginner, or something along those lines. So it’s really impossible for me to say for sure. However, you do get lifetime access to the course obviously, so you can always come back to it as you please.

One thing I can guarantee is that you will learn A LOT from it, and if you are just getting started in this style, then it might be actually good to have all of this knowledge and understanding from the start.

I know it’s probably not the simple answer that you’re looking for, but it’s the best one I can give at the moment without knowing you.

So… last but not least… the ‘Small hands’ question. Let’s split this answer up into two different sections. Ok, first, let me be straight with you. I have pretty big hands. Yes, that makes my life easier when it comes to playing this style. However, there was still a huge struggle to get there. Having big hands doesn’t necessarily just grant you the gift of being able to do this without any difficulty. So the point that I’m trying to make is that no matter what size your hands are, there is always a struggle. So I don’t want to allow the ‘small hands’ situation to be used as an excuse to not push through that struggle. Sure, your struggle may be more than mine, or it may even be less, but please don’t write off the chance of becoming proficient at this style by throwing in the towel before you’ve even begun. I have seen small children develop this style and I have seen huge men with large hands struggle to get this right after long periods of time. That’s not to say that there are some rare situations where some peoples hands just will NOT fit around the neck, but this is so rare that I can say with a certain degree of confidence that this is most likely not you. Secondly, in order to know if you can do it, you have to try every possible angle (excuse the pun) and experiment with every aspect of the style (allowing your muscles the time to learn and adjust) before you decide you can’t do it. If you want to know what these are, then I have a full course dedicated to mastering this called “Mastering The Thumb” where you can explore all the little things that make a real difference. And not until you’ve tried ALL of that, and practiced it ALL until your thumb wants to jump off your hand and never return, do you have the excuse, or not even the right, to convince yourself that you can’t do this. You can. You will. I’m confident in your thumb 🙂 (SIDE NOTE: If you are one of the VERY few people who genuinely can’t do this no matter what you try and how long you try it for, there are ways and means around playing the songs, you just have to figure out what works for you. The lessons will still guide you through what to play, and how to play it.)

I have created a framework for how you should take the courses depending on your level called ‘The JHG Roadmap”. This shows you the difficulty level of each course and song in your guitar-playing journey.

I think this is a very valid question, and honestly, for some people, I think learning on YouTube is a very good option. But let’s just put this in perspective. A quick search on google for online guitar lesson shows an average of about £40 an hour. This doesn’t include high quality tabs, videos you can search back on over and over and most importantly, it’s not coming from someone whose playing you actually want to learn (I’m assuming since you’re on this page, my covers of these songs are something you want to learn). If you learn on YouTube, you are learning in a very scattered way, and you will have to find some information from one person, some information from another and then get mismatching tabs or chords somewhere else. You also won’t get the insights into my gear, setup and thought processes that I provide in my lesson. You likely will have to spend a lot of valuable time looking through the countless videos trying to find the best ones, the ones that best match each other, the ones with the best guitar tones etc etc when everything you need is already organised and provided conveniently for you in my lesson.
Here’s the most important thing though – To tell you the truth, I used to learn everything free from YouTube, but I realized a few years ago that if you pay for something, your brain assigns it more value and so you automatically push yourself more in order to make the most of your investment. Because of this trick in the brain, I now pay for most things online that I want to learn because it gives me an extra layer of motivation which is EXTREMELY valuable and important in my view. And that’s not just me trying to take your money – it’s a genuine psychological trick that you can play on your brain (do your own research on this – there’s tonnes on Google about this – even a TED talk on it). If you pay money, you will get a better result, and you will become a better guitar player. Period. Invest in yourself.
Aside from all this, just go and have a look anywhere on the countless reviews of people who’ve spent money on this course and been so over the moon with it that they felt compelled to go and leave reviews and express how valuable these courses were to them. Every one of these have said ‘worth so much more than what I paid’ or ‘you get so much for the price’ or even ‘get these now before they go up to what they’re really worth’. These aren’t my words – go look at the YouTube and Facebook reviews for yourself. You can contact the users yourself if you have any doubts.