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The Starter Bundle

  • The Starter Bundle Includes The Ultimate Beginner Guide, Crossing The Bridge, Music Theory Essentials, Bold As Love, Layla, The CAGED System, My Studio Gear, My Gear Rig, 5 Don't Need to Knows, Record Yourself & Bluesy Wednesday
  • Save money by buying all courses together (Up to 30% in savings when purchased together)
  • Includes all bonus content to gain insight into my gear, my studio and some other tips and tricks
  • The fastest, most thorough and best way to master this style of playing

By far the best lesson I have ever been exposed to, and I've tried a staggering amount of online (and offline) lessons

I am so proud to be the highest rated guitar instructor on Trustpilot with hundreds of 5 star ratings

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What's Included

in The Starter Bundle?

1. The following songs

(Worth £109.99)

Starter Bundle bold as love

Bold As Love

  • Almost 3 hours on-demand video
  • 3 official guitar tabs
  • 15 page resource ebook
  • See all my studio gear
  • See all my guitar gear
  • Recommended Songs list
  • Full bonus course on how to record yourself
Starter Bundle bluesy wednesday

Bluesy Wednesday

  • 1.5 hours on-demand video

  • 3 official guitar tabs
  • All techniques discussed in detail
  • Full video on song dynamics and shaping the son
  • Free with the Everything Bundle
Starter Bundle layla


  • 2 hours on-demand video
  • 3 official guitar tabs
  • All techniques discussed in detail
  • Full video on song dynamics and shaping the son
  • Free with the Everything Bun
Starter Bundle crossing the bridge

Crossing The Bridge

  • Over 5 hours on-demand video
  • Learn 6 popular intermediate guitar songs
  • Particular focus on the tools needed to move onto more advanced 'strat style' songs
  • Crosses the bridge between being a beginner to allow you to tackle the more advanced songs I teach
  • 18 official guitar tabs
  • Designed to be taken after "Ultimate Beginners Guide"

    2. The following ‘general’ courses

    Also included in The Starter Bundle

    (Worth £69.99)

    Starter Bundle beginners guide

    The Ultimate Beginners Guide

    Over 6 hours and 50 videos on everything to do with music theory. Finally understand everything about music theory that you will need and become a much more confident and efficient musician. Includes 5 presentations in 5 separate pdf ebooks, and a 161 page resource ebook with all scales, chords, diagrams, etc. covered in the course.
    Starter Bundle my gear rig

    My Gear Rig

    Absolutely ALL my gear, broken down and discussed! My recommendations, and my 'not so' recommended! If you are wondering how I get my tone, and what gear you might need to get something similar, this series of videos will show you exactly what I do. This mini-course includes the following:

    1) My Guitar

    2) My Amplifier

    3) Pedals

    4) Extra Accessories

    5) Tone

    Starter Bundle music theory essentials

    Music Theory Essentials

    In this Mini 45 minute Course, I dive into the essential theory that you should understand and know to perfect your understanding of playing in this style. This is for students who don't want a comprehensive course on music theory - just the nuts and bolts of music theory that hold this style together.

    Here we go back to basics and strip back music theory to ONLY what you need to know... The Essentials

    Starter Bundle the caged system

    The Caged System

    In the CAGED system, we take a look at both the theory of chords all over the fretboard, and also their practical application when it comes to playing this style. By understanding and using this system and the techniques and tips I teach in this 30 minute mini course, you will be able to substitute different chords all over the neck, and understand exactly how scales fit 'around' those chords.

    I explain exactly what the system is and whats involved in using it, but I also give suggestions and ideas for practical use such as embellishing all chord shapes and incorporating scales within the chord that is being played.

    Starter Bundle 5 don't need to know

    5 "Don't Need To Knows"

    Every guitar teacher seems to be talking about 'adding skills' to your playing. Here, I talk about taking stuff away! Removing what you don't need so you can better focus on what you do need. The problem with adding and adding and adding is that we never really master any one thing.

    In this 15 minute quick course, I discuss the 5 things that I think you can forget about (or at least forget a little bit about) when it comes to playing this style. These things can cause distraction  from what is really the primary strength of this style... FEEL!


    The JHG Roadmap

    Overwhelmed? Not sure where to start? The JHG Roadmap will provide you with a suggested progression through my courses, starting with the easiest, moving forward to the most difficult. Laid out in a full-color pdf, and using high-quality resolution, the roadmap can be printed onto a poster and hung up on your wall to help guide you through your guitar journey with me, and also provide motivation as you tick off each course in the roadmap.

      3. All the bonus content I've made

      Also included in The Starter Bundle

      (Worth £34.99)

      Starter Bundle record yourself

      Record Yourself

      Everything you need to know to record your performance onto your computer*

      Over 1 HOUR of in-depth video tutorials on recording your performance to your computer.

      *Based on the Logic Pro X DAW

      Starter Bundle my studio gear

      My Studio Gear

      All the extra gear I use to record myself

      Over 20 minutes of video packed with information on my microphones and interfaces. Loads of tips and tricks on getting the most out of your studio gear

      Starter Bundle my songs recommendations

      My Song Recommendations

      My personal list of songs you need to know

      My short list of songs that I recommend you listen to and learn to perfect this playing style. This is the list I have used to learn to play this style.

        What do you get in a course?

        What exactly comes inside a course?

        Not only are you taught the song with chords and solos, etc. but Jamie is meticulous about imparting "the feel" , technique and embellishments to really make it possible to capture some of the magic of this songs

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        Instant digital delivery

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        Delivered Worldwide

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        30 days guarantee

        30 Day Guarantee

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        Here's the value of this course, if you were to buy it elsewhere:

        • 19 hours of in-person lessons with a high-quality, specialised guitar teacher (£40 per 30 min lesson)


        • High-quality, custom guitar tabs (Sound like a lot? Google 'Custom Guitar Tabs' and ask the top results for a quote for this song)


        Total you would pay if you were to buy this from an in-person teacher and tab transcription service (both of this quality)


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        Get access to all of that plus all additional features including your own personal profile, certificates, progress meters, access to the Facebook group, a free iOS and Android app, the ability to speed up, slow down, pause and replay videos, lifetime access and amazing customer support.

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