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“5 ‘Don’t Need to Know’s’ to play This Strat Style”

If you preorder my Slow Dancing In A Burning Room Lesson (or the Four Course Bundle – See Bottom Of Page) You will immediately receive a free lesson covering ‘5 Don’t Need To Knows to Perfect This Style’

Everyone is talking about what more you can do, what more you can add, how this new thing will make you the world’s best player. In this bonus lesson that only comes with preorders, I talk about 5 things you can forget about to play this style. 5 things that just distract you from playing this style. It’s all about narrowing down and narrowing down. 

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If you hate it (or you hate me), and get nothing from this lesson, no problem, I’ll give you a full refund within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked!

Just so you know, there has been over 1000 sales of this lesson and not one has been returned! 🙂

(Please Note: This is totally based on an honour system, so I ask that you don’t abuse this and are honest with me!) Thank You 🙂

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4 Course Bundle – The “Everything Bundle”

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