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Seven Course Bundle little wing

Course #1: Little Wing

Seven Course Bundle  little wing

Seven Course Bundle bold as love

Course #2: Bold As Love

Seven Course Bundle  bold as love

Seven Course Bundle lenny

Course #3: Lenny

Seven Course Bundle  lenny
Seven Course Bundle slow dancing

Course #4 Slow Dancing In A Burning Room

Seven Course Bundle slow dancing
Seven Course Bundle gravity

Course #5 gravity

Seven Course Bundle gravity
Seven Course Bundle bluesy wednesday

Course #6 Bluesy Wednesday

Seven Course Bundle bluesy wednesday
Seven Course Bundle the wind cries mary

Course #7 The Wind Cries Mary

Seven Course Bundle the wind cries mary
Seven Course Bundle my gear rig

My Gear Rig

Absolutely ALL my gear, broken down and discussed! My recommendations, and my 'not so' recommended! If you are wondering how I get my tone, and what gear you might need to get something similar, this series of videos will show you exactly what I do. This mini course includes the following:

1) My Guitar

2) My Amplifier

3) Pedals

4) Extra Accessories

5) Tone

Seven Course Bundle music theory essential

Strat Sessions Essentials #1 - Music Theory Essentials

In this Mini 45 minute Course, I dive into the essential theory that you should understand and know to perfect your understanding of playing in this style. I don't want to overwhelm my students and provide a huge comprehensive course on music theory - I just want to provide the nuts and bolts of music theory that hold this style together. 

Here we go back to basics and strip back music theory to ONLY what you need to know... The Essentials

the caged system

Strat Sessions Essentials #2 The CAGED System

In the CAGED system, we take a look at both the theory of chords all over the fretboard, and also their practical application when it comes to playing this style. By understanding and using this system and the techniques and tips I teach in this 30 minute mini course, you will be able to substitute different chords all over the neck, and understand exactly how scales fit 'around' those chords. 

I explain exactly what the system is and whats involved in using it, but I also give suggestions and ideas for practical use such as embellishing all chord shapes and incorporating scales within the chord that is being played.

5 "Don't Need To Knows"

Strat Sessions Essentials #3 - 5 "Don't Need To Knows"

Every guitar teacher seems to be talking about 'adding skills' to your playing. Here, I talk about taking stuff away! Removing what you don't need so you can better focus on what you do need. The problem with adding and adding and adding is that we never really master any one thing. 

In this 15 minute quick course, I discuss the 5 things that I think you can forget about (or at least forget a little bit about) when it comes to laying this style. These things can cause distraction  from what is really the primary strength of this style... FEEL!

mastery collection (worth £49)

Also included in Nine Course Bundle today!!

mastery collection

Seven Course Bundle mastering the thumb

The Mastery Collection, Part 1: Mastering The Thumb

The answer to the most common question that I am asked when it comes to this style; How exactly do I play with my thumb? In this mini course I explore every aspect of playing with your thumb, what affects it, how to 'shape' your hand to play with your thumb, what kind of a grip to use, and a series of exercises that are designed to help you develop the strength in your thumb so you can focus on learning songs in this style and no longer have to thing about straining your thumb.

Seven Course Bundle mastering the rake

The Mastery Collection, Part 2: The Rake

...and Other String muting techniques

Probably the technique most indicative of style is the rake. This is touched on in just about every course I have done, however, in the Mastery Collection: The Rake, we dive in a little bit further on exactly what to look out for when performing this technique, how to mute the correct strings and hit the perfect notes, transitioning between notes and chords and also how to reduce additional string noise on bends.

master online tools

The Mastery Collection, Part 3: Online Tools

The internet has revolutionised music, and learning the guitar is no exception. Here, I have compiled a list of the best online tools that I use every day to help improve my guitar playing. I include each tool, and basic guides to the features and basic functions of each of these tools.

master your instrument

The Mastery Collection, Part 4: Guitar Setup and Maintenance

Setting up your guitar yourself doesn't have to be difficult... You can save the money on a setup and spend it on more GEAR! 😀 In this course I teach you every aspect of setting up your guitar including Cleaning, Strings, Adjusting the Truss Rod, Maintenance, Intonation, Action, Pickup Height and more! 🙂

**PLEASE NOTE: All products are digital so will be delivered immediately upon purchase and there are no shipping fees. Images are for demonstration purposes only.

Bonus Content

Also included in Seven course bundle
Seven Course Bundle record yourself

BONUS Course #1 - Record Yourself 

Everything you need to know to record your performance onto your computer

Over 1 HOUR of in-depth video tutorials on recording your performance to your computer.

Seven Course Bundle my studio gear

Bonus Course #2 - My Studio Gear

All the extra gear I use to record myself

Over 20 minutes of video packed with information on my microphones and interfaces. Loads of tips and tricks on getting the most out of your studio gear

Seven Course Bundle recommended songs

Bonus #3 - My Song Recommendations

My personal list of songs you need to know!

My short list of songs that I recommend you listen to and learn to perfect this playing style. This is the list I have used to learn to play this style.

Seven Course Bundle

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Bought Together: £129 (Save 60%)

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What Do You Get in a Course?

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Seven Course Bundle - Learn Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, Gravity, Little Wing, Bold as Love, Lenny, Bluesy Wednesday and The Wind Cries Mary
Seven course bundle paypal

"The lesson is without a doubt worth every penny and is one of the most detailed that I've come across. Your accuracy and demonstrative abilities are terrific."

"The lesson is without a doubt worth every penny and is one of the most detailed that I've come across. Your accuracy and demonstrative abilities are terrific."

So what do I get? 

When you buy this course, you will be sent a 13 page ebook that will contain links to the 9 private videos that will cover all parts of this video course in over 1 hour of instruction, as well as some additional information on some of the techniques used for this song, some notes on gear, and a recommended gear list for three budget types

1. Low

2. Medium

3. High.

UPDATE: Due to popular demand, I have now also included a full 3 different versions of the 12 page tab for this song in two guitar pro formats and a PDF format.

Is this a beginner course? 

If I was a marketing expert, I would say that this is 'for people of all levels' so that I could sell more, but honestly, if you're a complete beginner, this will probably be quite difficult for you. I assume a basic knowledge of the guitar and certain terms and move through the course relatively fast. It still can be done, with enough practice, I just wouldn't call it a 'beginners course'. 

**TIP: If you ARE a beginner and you're determined to learn this song, the videos are private videos on Youtube so you can slow them down to half speed to make it easier to keep up with! If you are watching on mobile, you can use an app called 'speedtube' to do this!

How Long Will it take to complete?

The course itself will take approximately 1.5 hours to complete, but once you've complete the course, going back through it and learning it yourself could take anywhere from a few hours to a few months - that really is up to you and how much you practice!

What modules will we learn? 

This course includes the following sections:

1. Intro 2.Chords 3. Gear 4. Verse 1 Part 1& 2 5. Verse 1 Part 3 6. Verse7. Chorus 8. Solo 9. Outro

What if I hate it (Or hate you)?

100% money back guarantee!
If you hate it (or you hate me), and get nothing from this lesson, no problem, I'll give you a full refund within 14 days of purchase, no questions asked! (Please Note: This is totally based on an honour system, so I ask that you don't abuse this and are honest with me!) Thank You 🙂



If for some reason the course doesn't live up to what you expected or you're not learning anything from me, no problem, I will provide your money back within the first 30 days of purchase! I want all my students to be 100% satisfied with what I make.

seven course bundle

Normally: £319.99

Bought Together: £129 (Save 60%)

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the everything bundle
the everything bundle

the everything bundle

Want to take it a step further?

Arrange a 30minute private Skype call with me and get feedback on how you are playing and how you can progress

Upload your own video performing this song, and get at least one page of feedback from me

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Want to take it a step further?

Arrange a 30minute private Skype call with Jamie and he can provide feedback specific to YOU on exactly what you need to do to take playing this song to the next level!

Upload your own video performing this song, and get at least one page of feedback from me highlighting all the things that you need to work on and ways you can improve!

Want to take it a step further?

Arrange a 30minute private Skype call with me and get feedback on how you are playing and how you can progress

Upload your own video performing this song, and get at least one page of feedback from me

Mailing List

Sign up to receive a free download