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What’s In The Everything Bundle?

1) All 13 song courses and their tabs, videos, chords, eBooks

2) My Gear Rig: My guitar, amp, pedals, and accessories IN DETAIL!

3) My Amp and Pedal Settings for each section of each song

4) Record Yourself: A crash course on recording your sound to your computer

5) Start Sessions Essentials Courses: 3 Mini-courses on Essential Music Theory, The CAGED system, and 5 don’t need to knows

6) My Studio Gear: All the gear I use to record

7) My Song Recommendations: A short list of songs to practice to help you with this style

8) Music Theory Mastery – A comprehensive 7 Hour Music Theory course with over 300 slides of chords, scales, charts etc.

Plus! Get The Mastery Collection FREE if you Buy Today!

1) Mastering Your Instrument: Guitar Setup and Maintenance

2) Mastering Online Tools: My Favorite internet guitar tools

3) Mastering The Thumb: A Deep Dive on the ‘thumb-over’ technique

4) Mastering the Rake, and Other String Muting Techniques

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