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The JHG Method

“Just calling this an ‘app’ feels like a drastic underestimation of what it can do… It’s more like a 20 apps-in-one ‘Super-app’!”

Training & Tools

The JHG Method is made up of 2 main sections; Training and Tools. The Training section can be used to improve your ear, develop speed, improve fretboard knowledge and agility. The Tools can be used to get in time, loop your playing, keep time, create backing tracks, tune your guitar and more! Each section has many of it's own modules, so in reality it's like 20 apps in 1!

Learn From Anywhere

Having this app to hand means that you can practice your skill from anywhere and everywhere. On the train or bus? A Coffee Shop? In bed? Down the back of the classroom? Or basically, anywhere you don't have access to a guitar? You can still be training your ears to hear and identify any sound.

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Built on the latest Tech

The JHG Method is built on the latest version of one of the world's top game development platforms, created from scratch with fully optimized, proprietary C# code. All these techy buzzwords basically mean that I own every last section of this app, and so have made sure it's the best for speed and performance. Additionally, we can tweak the code, improve it endlessly, and app any additional features our community desires without any limitations from 'App Builder' software. Basically, this app has been built with 1's and 0's, so the only limitation is our imagination.


The Modules

There are a total of 21 different Training Modules and 10 different tools. Each module could be an app in and of itself! Check them all out below!

Section 1: Training

Section 2: Tools


The Leaderboards

Compete with other users and see your name on the official JHG Leaderboard, or even in the number 1 spot on the JHG Trophy for the following modules:

And of course, in true JHG fashion...

Includes a full Course

I have included a full instructional guide free when you buy this plugin. Included is my own guide to using the plugin, how to get the most out of it, the basics of tone shaping, fx and mixing and mastering sounds to acheive your perfect tone.

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