The "everything Bundle" - General Courses

The 'Everything Bundle"

My best-selling, flagship product

Before choosing your course below, please be aware that the best-selling product on my site is the 'Everything Bundle'. This has every single song I've ever made, as well as almost all of the 'General' courses I've made, and comes with a huge discount instead of buying courses individually. There are also other options for bundles all the way from three song bundles, up to eighteen song bundles.

The JHG Method - General Courses

The JHG Method

Featured Course

The Ultimate Guide to Fretboard Mastery and Improvisation

  • Almost 30 hours of on-demand video
  • Song Analysis and breakdowns
  • Learn how to improvise and master the fretboard by applying simple but effective concepts
  • Master your practice with iOS and Android App
  • Get Music Theory Mastery (worth £39.99) included absolutely free with course

'General' Courses

From the most basic beginner course, to much more advanced theory and concepts


Music Theory Mastery

  • Finally master music theory for good with over 6 hours of video and hundreds of pages of chords, scales, diagrams, tables and more
  • Learn all relevant chords, scales, triads, arpeggios and how to create your own
  • Includes 5 sections, the basics, the circle of fifths, chords and chord theory, 7th chords, and the practical side of theory
  • Stream or download videos to watch whenever and wherever you want


Ultimate Beginner Guide

  • The first course for complete beginners with the 8 hours of video and 111 page eBook

  • Learn Chords, Strumming,Songs, Riffs & Scales

  • Includes 14 sections, which will show you all the basics while always keeping in the mind 'strat style' of playing that we are ultimately aiming for

  • Stream or download videos to watch whenever and wherever you want

General Courses - Crossing the bridge

Crossing The Bridge

  • Over 5 hours on-demand video
  • Learn 6 popular intermediate guitar songs
  • Particular focus on the tools needed to move onto more advanced 'strat style' songs
  • Crosses the bridge between being a beginner to allow you to tackle the more advanced songs I teach
  • 18 official guitar tabs
  • Designed to be taken after "Ultimate Beginners Guide"

General Courses - Mastery Collection

The Mastery Collection

  • Mastering the thumb
  • Mastering the rake
  • Mastering your instrument
  • Mastering online tools
  • Over 3 hours of videos, jam-packed with information.
  • Includes four mini to medium-sized courses covering four important 'external' aspects of playing this guitar style.

Mastering the thumb

Mastering The Thumb

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mastering the rake

Mastering The Rake

mastering your instrument

Master Your Instrument

Guitar setup and maintenance

mastering online tools

Mastering Online Tools

my studio gear

My Studio Gear

my gear rig

My Gear Rig

The caged system

The Caged System