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on the ‘Blues-Pop’ style of some of the best guitarists of all time. Learn how to play the iconic style of Jimi Hendrix, John Mayer and SRV. Nail songs and solos by Eric Clapton, RHCP, the Dire Straits and more… 

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Highest-rated guitar instructor on Trustpilot with a perfect 5.0 rating especially for Hendrix Mayer & SRV style

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But why take my word for it? Doesn’t everyone say they are the best? All you need to do is to go to any of my videos on Youtube and try and find a comment section that is not flooded with raving reviews about how much these video courses have changed people’s lives, re-ignited their love for guitar, and made them infinitely better guitar players. Go on, I dare you 🙂 

Full HD Video & Sound

High-quality 1080p Video and 24bit audio recording.

eBook, Templates & More

Practice templates, Resource eBook, Articles and chords

Gear Guides

Find out the gear and the settings I used in every section of every song!

Guitar Tabs

Every song tabbed out in excruciating detail. Most comprehensive tabs available


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Learn and Practice From Anywhere

I have developed two iOS and Android Apps, ‘Jamie Harrison Guitar‘  and ‘Guitar Gym‘ by Jamie Harrison Guitar. Both of these apps are designed to help you learn quicker, more conveniently, and in a much more enjoyable way than traditional methods. The Jamie Harrison Guitar app allows you to take your courses within the app, download and loop videos, get new courses and watch all videos all within the app.

The Guitar Gym app is one of the biggest guitar training apps available on the market today. It is packed to the brim full of tools, including custom backing tracks, a looper, tuner, metronome, speed trainer, fretboard trainer, scale and chord dictionary and training modules such as ear training, identify the chord and chord progression, scales, play the chord and much more.


Get my Exact Tone

Every day I receive messages asking me questions like ‘What amp will give me this tone? What guitar will give me this tone? What pedal will give me this tone?‘… the list goes on. The truth is that there is nothing really out there I have found that is close to a magic bullet to get this tone. Until now!

I developed this audio plugin for myself, so that I could have a portable rig wherever I was in the world that would match the quality of my studio rig. And now I’ve made it available to everyone! 


Make Practice Easy

Every single obstacle that comes between you and easy practice, is an obstacle that should be removed. That’s why you will also gain access to two premium Chrome Extensions, ‘The JHG Video Controller’ and ‘The JHG Looper’. These pieces of software will allow you to slow down, speed up, skip back and forth, and loop all videos on my website, as well as any Youtube or Vimeo videos that you find online!

Also included is the ‘Audio Speed Controller’, a desktop application which will allow you to do all of the above, but with audio files on directly on your computer.

Finally, ‘Lick Locker’, a third Chrome Extension that is also included, allows you to save sections of videos all across the internet that contain your favourite licks. Jump back to your favourite licks in no time!

JHG Video Controller

Play Video

JHG Lick Library

Play Video

JHG Looper

Play Video

JHG Audio Controller

Play Video

Get to Know Me

Jamie Harrison


I am a guitarist from a small coastal town called Galway, which is located in the west of Ireland. I love music, tech and animals and my life basically consists of these three things. I’ve played guitar for about 20 years and have always loved the guitar style of artists like Hendrix, Mayer, SRV, and Eric Clapton. I wouldn’t really consider myself particularly ‘gifted’ when it comes to the guitar and have come across many others who I would consider much more innately ‘talented’.

However, I have worked at this game as long and as hard as anyone and so have somehow been able to make a living with my instrument. In being a ‘half-talent’ (ie. not being one of those aliens who picks up a guitar and is instantly Eddie Van Halen), I would consider myself much better qualified to teach you this style of music. I’ve come up against every struggle that one could come up against in learning this and so I know the difficulties, and more importantly, I know how to get around each and every one.

After playing and teaching guitar for over 20 years, I’ve probably experienced or come across every possible struggle, trial, and tribulation that you could possibly come up against in learning this style of music. And more importantly, know how to deal with all of them.


Wear It!

Finally, our merch range is designed to help you remember the concepts that I teach in this course. So that if you’re trying to remember what you learned, you can see it every time you look in the mirror, every have a cup of coffee or every time you’re going to sleep. Drill. it. in.


What My Students are Saying

I am so honored to be the highest-rated guitar instructor on Trustpilot, the world’s largest independent review platform. Trustpilot is where millions of people can rate their experience of a company and the company can’t display fake reviews or 

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    Software Tools and Apps to make your guitar journey more enjoyable
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    • Slow down and Speed up videos with the JHG Video Controller
    • Loop sections of videos with the JHG Looper
    • Slow down, speed up, and loop audio right on your device with the JHG Audio Controller
    • Get my exact guitar tone with the JHG Rig Audio Plugin

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