Little Wing

In by Jamie

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This Download Contains:

Little Wing ebook

This 15 page ebook contains information on the techniques you need to play this song and this style of playing, including some notes on right hand technique and the rake. It also contains my best advice on getting a rig together depending on three different budget types

1) Low

2) Medium

3) High

This is ground zero – your starting point. It shouldn’t take you long to read through this but it will give you a good introduction to everything and will prime you for the rest of the course.

Guitar Tab & Chord Section

The guitar Tab section includes 3 files; two guitar pro tabs and one standard PDF tab. With the guitar pro tab, you can actually play the tab in realtime (Check out the sneak preview video to see it in action). Please note that you will need Guitar Pro to play this. If you don’t have Guitar Pro, I also included the standard tab file for you to view or print! I have also included the full Chord and Lyric Sheet for this song.

Complete Video Course

15 videos containing all the information you need to play this song exactly like you saw in my video, including all the information on what kind of gear I was using, how to think about chords in this style, how to use your right hand correctly, note by note instruction on my version of this song, and loads more. Here is what is included




Intro Part 1

Intro Part 2

Intro Part 3

Verse 1 Part1

Verse 1 Part2

Verse 1 Part3

Verse 2 Part 1

Verse 2 Part2

Verse 2 Part3

Solo Part 1

Solo Part 2

Solo Part 3

This Download also Contains the following Bonus Content:

Record Yourself

Over 1 HOUR of in-depth video tutorials on recording your performance to your computer to share with the world.

My Studio Gear

Over 20 minutes of video packed with information on my microphones and interfaces. Loads of tips and tricks on getting the most out of your studio gear

My Recommended Songs

My short list of songs that I recommend you listen to and learn to perfect this playing style. This is the list I have used to learn to play this style.