Bold As Love

In by Jamie

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So what do I get?

When you buy this course, you will be sent a zip file containing the following: A 15 page PDF that will contain links to the private videos all parts of this video course, as well as some additional information on some of the techniques used for this song, some notes on gear, and a recommended gear list for three budget types

1. Low

2. Medium

3. High.

You will receive downloads of the videos so that you can watch them offline. You will receive three tab files, a chord and lyric sheet, and the images used for the course.

How Long Will it take to complete?

The course itself will take approximately 1.5 hours to complete, but once you’ve complete the course, going back through it and learning it yourself could take anywhere from a few hours to a few months – that really is up to you and how much you practice!

Is this a beginner course?

If I was a marketing expert, I would say that this is ‘for people of all levels’ so that I could sell more, but honestly, if you’re a complete beginner, this will probably be quite difficult for you. I assume a basic knowledge of the guitar and certain terms and move through the course relatively fast. It still can be done, no problem, I just wouldn’t call it a beginners course.

**TIP: If you are a beginner ,the videos are private videos on Youtube so you can slow them down to half speed to make it easier to keep up with!

What modules will we learn?

This course includes the following sections:

1. Intro


3. Gear

4. Verse 1 Part 1& 2

5. Verse 1 Part 3

6. Verse

7. Chorus

8. Solo

9. Outro