Crossing The Bridge

The quickest way to take you 'Across the Gap' from being a Beginner to being an Advanced player in this style, with all the tools and guidelines needed to tackle the more Advanced Songs in this style.


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5 Course Bundle

Master this style once and for all!


What Are The Courses?

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Crossing The Bridge Intermediate Guitar Course

"Amazing course , its put together really well and great value for money"

What's Included


Complete Video Course

28 videos containing all the information you need to play this song exactly like you saw in my video, including all the information on what kind of gear I was using, how to think about chords in this style, how to use your right hand correctly, note by note instruction on my version of this song, and loads more. Here is what is included:

Waiting On the World to change

Chords, Chorus,

Adding The Groove, Dynamics

Licks, QUICK TIP, Middle 8

Solo, Bringing it all together

I’m Yours

Chords, The Groove

Licks & Fills

Under The Bridge

Chords, Strumming

The Riffs, Outro/Tension Builder


Something Like Olivia

Chords & Strumming, Solo Part 1

Solo Part 2

The Wind Cries Mary (Beginner Version)

Chords, Strumming

Licks & Fills

Snow (Hey Oh)

Main Riff, Bridge


What You Will Learn


Crossing The Bridge

This 17-page ebook contains fundamental information on this course and this style of playing. Here's an excerpt from the book detailing what exactly this course is designed to do

"Once I put the beginners course together and made it available online for free, I was blown away by the sheer amount of hunger for something that could be taken directly after this Beginners course. So I decided that something was needed to allow you to ‘close the gap’ between being a beginner and being an advanced player in this style, and so “Crossing the Bridge” was born."

It also contains my best advice on getting an acoustic rig together depending on three different budget types

1) Low

2) Medium

3) High

This is ground zero – your starting point. It shouldn’t take you long to read through this but it will give you a good introduction to everything and will prime you for the rest of the course.


Guitar Tab Section

The guitar Tab section includes 18 files including twelve guitar pro tabs and six standard PDF tabs. With the guitar pro tab, you can actually play the tab in realtime (Check out the sneak preview video to see it in action). Please note that you will need Guitar Pro to play this. If you don't have Guitar Pro, I also included the standard tab file for you to view or print!



Get exclusive access to the Official Jamie Harrison Guitar Facebook Group a private Facebook group with thousands of users from all over the world all helping each other out and discussing this style of guitar playing. A very supportive place where you can ask others opinions, read others experiences and post up pictures and videos to help you learn. We don’t allow the general public into this group so anything you post stays strictly between us. For common questions about the group click here. A hugely valuable resource open only for customers!

So what do I get? 

When you buy this course, you will be sent a 13 page ebook that will contain links to the 9 private videos that will cover all parts of this video course in over 1 hour of instruction, as well as some additional information on some of the techniques used for this song, some notes on gear, and a recommended gear list for three budget types

1. Low

2. Medium

3. High.

UPDATE: Due to popular demand, I have now also included a full 3 different versions of the 12 page tab for this song in two guitar pro formats and a PDF format.

Is this a beginner course? 

If I was a marketing expert, I would say that this is 'for people of all levels' so that I could sell more, but honestly, if you're a complete beginner, this will probably be quite difficult for you. I assume a basic knowledge of the guitar and certain terms and move through the course relatively fast. It still can be done, with enough practice, I just wouldn't call it a 'beginners course'. 

**TIP: If you ARE a beginner and you're determined to learn this song, the videos are private videos on Youtube so you can slow them down to half speed to make it easier to keep up with! If you are watching on mobile, you can use an app called 'speedtube' to do this!

How Long Will it take to complete?

The course itself will take approximately 1.5 hours to complete, but once you've complete the course, going back through it and learning it yourself could take anywhere from a few hours to a few months - that really is up to you and how much you practice!

What modules will we learn? 

This course includes the following sections:

1. Intro 2.Chords 3. Gear 4. Verse 1 Part 1& 2 5. Verse 1 Part 3 6. Verse7. Chorus 8. Solo 9. Outro

What if I hate it (Or hate you)?

100% money back guarantee!
If you hate it (or you hate me), and get nothing from this lesson, no problem, I'll give you a full refund within 14 days of purchase, no questions asked! (Please Note: This is totally based on an honour system, so I ask that you don't abuse this and are honest with me!) Thank You 🙂

Bonus Content


Bonus Course #2 - My Gear Rig

All the extra gear I use to record myself

Over 30 minutes of video packed with information on all the equipment I use to get my tone, including, guitars, amps and accessories as well as tips and overall thoughts on tone.


Bonus Course #2 - 5 Don't Need To Knows

Everyone is always focused on what they can 'add' to their playing. This lick, that piece of gear, this chord. This mini-course is to help remove and take away some of the stuff that people will tell you that you need, that you really don't need to play in this style. KISS - Keep it simple stupid.

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Want to take it a step further?

Arrange a 30minute private Skype call with me and get feedback on how you are playing and how you can progress

Upload your own video performing this song, and get at least one page of feedback from me

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Want to take it a step further?

Arrange a 30minute private Skype call with Jamie and he can provide feedback specific to YOU on exactly what you need to do to take playing this song to the next level!

Upload your own video performing this song, and get at least one page of feedback from me highlighting all the things that you need to work on and ways you can improve!

Want to take it a step further?

Arrange a 30minute private Skype call with me and get feedback on how you are playing and how you can progress

Upload your own video performing this song, and get at least one page of feedback from me


Mailing List

Sign up to receive a free download