1. This is Brilliant! To be honest I was a bit dubious because I had watched a lot of YouTube clips on the same subject and being disappointed! Most ended up saying “just do it” with very little technique advice. After taking this lesson though I have already shown huge improvement to the point of almost mastering it ….. and feeel very confident by keeping going with the practice advice I’ll have it finally conquered very soon. All this has really amazed me because I truly believed that because I have small hands it was impossible. A huge help which seems so simple now is I wasn’t pressing my palm into the guitar enough. Also my thumb is still not as wrappped around as Jamie’s but still does the job. Still working on clean strings as still a bit of buzz but I’m happy enough it will improve in time.
    One surprise is I’m finding it easier on my “D” shape neck than my “C”.? Really thought it would be the opposite but hey I’ll run with it as my “D” is my custom shop strat.
    Thanks Jamie, I’m very glad I bought the lesson!
    Cheers from NZ
    Tim 🙂

  2. Hi Jamie,
    got the payment confirmation for this but it isn’t showing up in my courses yet. All other purchases showed up just fine, thanks.

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