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I have done my very best to make these courses the best value for money that you can find online, but I do understand that any course may not be right for some people. When you purchase a course, you have 30 days to request a full refund. Please note that if you download any of the videos or the course material, you will forfeit this 30 day guarantee, so be sure that you are happy with everything before you download anything by viewing all the content in your course online first.

If you are unhappy with something on my course, I would ask that you first send me a message first to let me know what the problem is and I will do everything I can to help fix this.
If we can’t come to a solution you are satisfied with together, I will return your money using the same payment method that you used to pay. Payments made with Paypal should be back in your account on the same day as I process them, but if you’ve paid with Credit Card, it may take up to a week to appear back in your account. To prevent fraudulent purchases, I require that all requests come with a valid reason for the request. This is not to make things more difficult for you, but simply to ensure that no one can steal my material which I’ve spent a lot of time creating. I hope you can understand and it’s not too much of an inconvenience. To request a refund please write to me at and tell me why you are requesting a refund, and please include the email address you used to pay for the course (if it’s different from the one you are writing on).


As much as I love playing the guitar, it’s not the only thing I do. I also write my own music.
I will say that it’s not instrumental guitar music, and guitar certainly isn’t the main ‘focus’ of my own music. I love simple songs and lyrics. For me it’s not all just about being a flash guitar player. So if you are still interested in listening to my own music, you can find me as Jamie Harrison (NOT Jamie Harrison Guitar – which is also up there) on all the major music platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, etc, on Facebook and Instagram if you search JamieHarrisonMusic, and you can type Jamie Harrison into Youtube to find some of my original music also. All these links can be found on my second website

*Keep in mind that my guitar channel is ‘jamieharrisonguitar’ whereas my original stuff is ‘jamieharrisonmusic’.


This is quite a long answer and it’s probably the most common question I get asked. I use tonnes of different types of gear and while I love gear and buying more and more of it, I really want to discourage the idea that good gear will make you a great player. Even with the best gear, it can still really sound awful if it’s not played well. That being said, however, I’ve made several videos about each part of my setup, from my pedals to my amp to my guitars etc all the way to my recording setup, mics and even the software I use to record. This information can be found in two individual Bonus Courses called ‘My Gear Rig’ and ‘My Studio Gear’, both of which are included free to anyone who buys any of my courses. In the Mini-Course ‘5 Don’t Need to Knows’, you will also see me compare a €6,500 rig to a €500 rig and you will see that you really don’t need the most expensive of everything to sound great. I also give advice as to the best setups for three budget types, Low, Medium and High.


I get asked this question all the time, so I’m going to add a page to my site soon with the details of each of the outfits that I wear in each video :)


Well… yes and no… Unfortunately, because I’d be breaking my agreement with the copyright holders of these songs, I can’t include the audio downloads in the courses themselves. However, you are welcome to download or stream the songs on all major platforms iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play etc. This way, the original artist can get paid their share, and you can download and own the songs legitimately :)


The most common issue that I see when people are trying to download a video is that the Vimeo link is un-clickable. This happens because you are not signed in to your Vimeo account. If you do not have a Vimeo account, take 2 minutes to set one up for free so that you can download the videos. It’s worth having an account anyway, and Vimeo is a large and reputable company so you won’t get bombarded by mail from them or anything like that.


On rare occasions, for very short periods of time, the videos may be inaccessible if Vimeo is down. You will usually receive this message from video on the videos themselves, but usually, they come back within a few minutes. There’s not much I can do about it, unfortunately, sometimes websites just experience downtime but as long as you stay strong and fight the urge to smash up your guitar and give up on music forever out of frustration, you should be able to view the videos very shortly! :)


In the course, I’ve included three versions of the tabs. The first two are .gp5 and .gpx files which are Guitar Pro tabs and so are so you will need the Guitar Pro software to open them. The third is a pdf file which will open on any device that can read pdfs. Most devices nowadays have software built in that can read pdfs but if yours doesn’t, you can download adobe acrobat here. The tabs are the same in all three files, but if you want to use the playback feature in Guitar Pro, you can buy the software here if you can afford it. If you do a search online, you can probably also find a free version of the software also. Once you download Guitar Pro, you should have no problems with opening the .gp5 and .gpx files.


To download videos to be used offline, go to the video you wish to download, and click the Vimeo link down the bottom corner of the screen. You will be taken to a page where you will have the option to download the video. Click the download button below the video and the video will start downloading.

The only real issue that I see when people are trying to download a video is that the Vimeo link is un-clickable. This happens because you are not signed in to your Vimeo account. If you do not have a Vimeo account, take 2 minutes to set one up for free so that you can download the videos. It’s worth having an account anyway, and Vimeo is a large and reputable company so you won’t get bombarded by mail from them or anything like that. You can sign up for one here. Check the video below for a walkthrough on how to download the videos.


On some very rare occasions, you may lose access to your courses sometime after buying them. This is likely due to a caching issue and should be very easily solved by just ‘clearing browser history’ or trying to login using a different browser. The reason it happens is that your browser is serving you a ‘cached’ version of the site, which basically means that it’s showing you a ‘snapshot’ of your account before you bought the course – meaning that you won’t have access to it. Mostly this isn’t an issue, but sometimes your browser and my site get tangled up in a game of Twister, (particularly when the site is very busy) but you just need to give your browser a clean start to refresh itself. So try clearing your internet history and see if that works. If not, click the button below and let us know in as much detail as you can what the issue is. Describe when you last accessed the courses, when you saw that you had lost access, and which courses you have bought and which you have lost access to. If you want a quicker response, please also provide your username and password so we can look into your account for you. This info will be completely confidential but will considerably speed up the process if provided with your first email.


If you suddenly have been blocked from entering the login page, and you keep getting redirected back to the homepage, this means that you have likely been blocked because you entered your password wrong too many times. Your IP address is likely in our ‘blocked list’. This is to prevent attacks on the site from bots who trying thousands of different passwords to hack the site. If you try from a different network (eg. your mobile phone data instead of your wifi), you should be able to access the login page as normal. To resolve this issue, please google ‘whats my IP’ and then send us your IP address along with a reference to this issue. We will unblock you and you will be able to use the site as normal.


All the videos in my courses are served via Vimeo Pro due to it’s global accessibility and quality. However, Vimeo may be blocked in a small number of countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia. If you live in one of these countries and are having trouble accessing the videos, you can follow these steps:
1. Press “download video”
2. Copy the Vimeo link to this site
3. Save it to your device that way
Thanks to Sheryl for the information!


I can provide my own suggestions for this, but you will have to use some of your own judgement here and decide what level you are at and which course will suit that best. That being said, it’s no harm that you challenge yourself if you are most excited about any one particular course. This can also be helpful with motivation because these songs can certainly be challenging.

If you are a beginner, you should naturally start off with my beginner course. That will ‘prime’ you for playing in this style (although you should do a lot of practice of other basic songs as well as those included in this course).

Moving on from the beginner course, or if you’re not a beginner but want to understand the fretboard some more it’s good to get a solid foundation in the CAGED system so have a look at my CAGED course, and also the Mastery Collection which will give some very detailed insight into playing using your thumb, the ‘Rake’ Technique and other useful information around using online tools and setting up and working with your guitar ie. being your own guitar tech. If you have the head for Theory, or you’re motivated to learn the theory, then you might want to look at The Essential Music Theory course which is a short and basic Music Theory course and you should definitely have a good understanding of all the concepts in this course. If you want to really get a grasp on the entire scope of music theory as it relates to guitar, you may enjoy the full Music Theory course, ‘Music Theory Mastery’. It’s quite long so you can always jump in and out of this one.

In terms of songs and what’s easiest to start with, moving to what’s most challenging (in my opinion), I would suggest that you start with Bold As Love, move on to The Wind Cries Mary (and leave the looping and some of the second solo licks until later) or Little Wing, then proceed to one of the ‘medium-difficulty’ songs like Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, Ain’t No Sunshine, Sultans of Swing, I Shot The Sheriff (This one is a good one if you’re new to looping) or Life Without You then finally Gravity or Lenny. Neon will potentially make you question your entire existence, so I’d suggest leaving this till last :) This is just one idea of how to progress through the courses, so feel free to switch it around as you wish.


Don’t worry, this is absolutely fine, and exactly what it should say. There isn’t supposed to be any downloadable files. The courses can be found in the ‘My Dashboard’ section of the website. Here you can download the Course materials, and stream the videos for all the courses. You also have the option to download the videos to use offline. Just click on the ‘Vimeo’ logo in the bottom of any video and then click the download button. Please note that if you download any files directly to your device, it will affect your refund policy. See the ‘Refund Policy’ section below for more details.


Unfortunately, we want to keep the group open to only the most committed members and due to the large number of users who take one of my free courses, we can’t open it to everyone. Therefore, if you would like to gain access to the Facebook group you can purchase any course of your choosing to the value of 29.99 or above. We want to ensure the highest quality control of this group and we have to keep numbers tight for this. I understand this might be frustrating for some people but this group is run completely manually and we simply wouldn’t be able to keep up with demand if all non-paying members were also allowed to join. I’m really sorry about that but I promise that it makes for a much better experience when you do decide to bite the bullet and join up :) See you over there!

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