To Buy Course As a Gift please follow these steps

  1. Buy the course as normal, using your own email and password. (Please Note: You will be sharing the password with the receiver so please do not use a 'regular' password of yours that you don't want to share with others) 
  2. Download the Gift Certificate PDF here
  3. Print the Gift Certificate on high-quality paper or card. I suggest using your local print shop for this step, if you are not confident with printing yourself.
  4. Once printed, fill in the name of the course or bundle you bought, along with your email that you bought the course with, and the password you chose for them at checkout. Ensure to print the 'rear' of the Gift Certificate on the back of the page. Do NOT use their email when purchasing or you will ruin the surprise 😀
  5. The receiver can then just login using the account using your info, and then simply just change the email and password to their own, following the instructions on the back of the card.

PLEASE NOTE: The receivers email will NOT be on our contact list, and so will not receive any emails from use about future courses etc. These will go to the buyers email. To change this email, please email us at