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The ultimate guitar app collection

The JHG Apps

Transform your guitar skills with apps designed to inspire and empower your musical journey

Learn From Anywhere

Having this app in your pocket means that you can practice your skill from anywhere and everywhere. On the train or bus? A coffee shop? In bed? At the back of the classroom? Or basically, anywhere you don’t have access to a guitar? You can still be training your ears to hear and identify any sound.

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Built on the latest Tech

Our suite of apps is built on the latest versions of some of the world’s top development platforms, all created from scratch with fully optimized, proprietary code. These cutting-edge technologies ensure that we have full control over every aspect of these apps, guaranteeing top-notch speed and performance. Furthermore, our flexibility to tweak the code, continuously enhance the apps, and seamlessly integrate any additional features requested by our community is boundless, without any constraints from ‘App Builder’ software. In essence, these apps have been meticulously crafted using 1’s and 0’s, so the only limitations are our creative imaginations.

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Carry guitar tools in your pocket. 

The JHG App Collection

Presenting a comprehensive collection of eleven applications, each featuring its unique tool.

JHG Course Hub

Enhance your musical journey with the JHG Course Hub by Jamie Harrison Guitar, offering convenient access, learning, and downloading of courses on the go. Seamlessly resume your progress and master the guitar at your own pace. Download now and take your Jamie Harrison Guitar courses with you. Subscription to the All Access Pass or All Course Pass is required to access courses, with users of individual courses also able to obtain content access.

JHG Rhythm Tookit

Introducing – a music app with three powerful tools: JHG Metronome for diverse time signatures and BPM options, JHG Tap Tempo for easy song tempo determination, and JHG Speed Trainer for mastering technical skills. Enhance your musical practice seamlessly with this comprehensive toolkit.

JHG Dictionaries

Access comprehensive information on chords, scales, and arpeggios with a user-friendly app. Identify unfamiliar fingerings or explore different positions effortlessly, expanding your musical knowledge and repertoire. The app offers precise details on various voicings, fingerings, and patterns, enhancing your understanding of chords, scales, and arpeggios.

JHG Ear Training

Designed for enthusiasts and aspiring musicians alike, this focused app offers a comprehensive approach to ear training. Its modules concentrate on chords, scales, intervals, and more, providing users with an interactive learning experience. By listening to a variety of sounds and selecting the corresponding options on the screen, users actively engage in the learning process. With regular use, this app sharpens listening skills, enhancing the ability to recognize diverse musical sounds. The benefits extend to musicality, improvisation, and a deeper understanding of music theory.

JHG Drills

The app provides an audio companion for practicing scales. In the Drills module, select the scale, position, and speed. The Keys feature plays the chosen scale, aiding your understanding of its sound and pattern. This guide helps internalize the scale’s sound, improve technique, and develop fluency. Practice scales with the audio companion for refined playing and an intuitive understanding across the fretboard.

JHG Looper

The JHG Looper is a versatile tool for musicians, providing an easy way to create loops for practice, improvisation, and composition. It offers hands-free operation, flexible loop customization, and two modes (Automatic and Manual). Embrace the power of looping for new musical expressions, whether you’re a solo performer, in a band, or a composer.

JHG Tuner

A tuner for guitars offers “Full Tune” to analyze each string for automatic feedback and “Quick Tune” for ear adjustments. Both features assist in achieving accurate tuning.

JHG Fretboard Trainer

The Fretboard Trainer is a valuable tool for musicians aiming to swiftly learn every note on their instrument’s fretboard. Essential for guitarists and bassists, it offers focused or comprehensive string exercises. Specific notes are called out for quick identification, reinforcing knowledge efficiently. The Trainer’s gamified approach transforms learning into an engaging challenge, making it enjoyable and motivating. Consistent use leads to internalizing fretboard notes, enhancing skills for improvisation, chord construction, and musical exploration.

JHG Backing Tracks

Create personalized, professionally recorded backing tracks with customizable rhythm, length (up to 16 bars), key, tonality, and instrumentation. The app includes a Challenge Tracks module for soloing and improvisation practice.

JHG Guitar Coach

The JHG Guitar Coach app improves your fretboard proficiency by challenging you to quickly locate and play chords, scales, and other musical elements based on auditory cues. Enhance your fretboard familiarity, muscle memory, and fingerboard awareness to navigate confidently through chords, scales, and intricate passages.

JHG Practice Routines

The Practice Routine App is a personalized training tool adaptable to various skills beyond music. It tailors exercises to your proficiency level, allowing you to set and track goals while providing targeted workouts. This ensures efficient practice sessions, facilitating mastery in your chosen skill.

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