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Frequently Asked Questions

Section 1: Before Buying
Section 2: After Buying
Section 3: I Have an Issue
Refund Policy

1) Before Buying

Can you ship to my country?

These courses are digital, so can be delivered anywhere in the world. Once you complete your purchase, you will be sent an email with your username and password, which will give you access immediately to your account on where you will be able to view all the courses you have bought. No shipping fees, no need for DVD drives, and no waiting around for products to arrive. Get started immediately!

Your prices are listed in pounds, can I pay in dollars?

Of course! Just go ahead and pay in pounds and we’ll only take dollars from your account. We’ll convert your dollars into the same amount in pounds using the official conversion rate on that day (with no hidden charges or fees that the bank would charge you). There’s no need to go buying pound sterling or anything like that. We’ve got you covered 🙂

Will these courses work on my phone/tablet?

Yes, these courses will work on all devices. The videos can be streamed on my website which is the best and most popular way to watch them, but you can also download them to your device to watch offline. The course material is primarily made up of pdf files which are standard files and can be read on most devices. If you have an older device you may want to download one of the free apps from your app store that allows you to view pdf files, although nowadays, most devices come with this software built in. If you want to download some of the content to view offline, you will have to ensure that you have enough free space on your device. The guitar pro files will not work on any device unless you have installed the guitar pro software to open them, however, I have also included the pdf of these tabs so you don’t need the guitar pro software.

Can I use the courses offline?

Yes, you can use these courses offline on your device. The course material is all downloadable so you can put it straight onto your device and use it whenever you like, and you have the option to download the videos to use offline also. Just click on the ‘Vimeo’ logo in the bottom of any video and then click the download button. Please note that if you download any files directly to your device, it will affect your refund policy. See the ‘Refund Policy’ section below for more details.

Are these digital or physical products?

All courses are digital, so will be delivered immediately upon purchase. The pictures shown for each course are just the images for ‘e-products’ ie. electronic products. It is standard nowadays with online and digital products to have such images representing them. They are for demonstration purposes only and you will not receive any physical items when you purchase a course. You will receive all material by video, pdf and guitar pro (tab) format, so you can print out the material yourself as you follow along with the videos.

My payment won’t go through

Sometimes your payment will fail and you won’t receive your courses. This is most often due to a block that your credit card company has on your card for international payments as my company is based in Ireland. Even if you buy online regularly, this can still occur as the credit card company might have a list of ‘approved’ retailers (amazon etc) for which it might work fine, but it’s unlikely that little old made that list! 😀 All you usually have to do is contact your credit card provider and tell them to allow the payment, or else just pay with Paypal (you don’t need a Paypal account to do this and it’s very straightforward).

Is this a beginner course?

If I was a marketing expert, I would say that this is ‘for people of all levels’ so that I could sell more, but honestly, if you’re a complete beginner, I would say that this will probably be quite difficult for you. I do assume a basic knowledge of the guitar and certain terms and move through the course relatively fast. It still can be done, with enough practice, I just wouldn’t call it a ‘beginners course’.

It’s also a very difficult thing for me to say, as I haven’t seen you play, and I also don’t know how dedicated and willing you are to put a real effort into mastering this style. It does take time and effort, so don’t expect the skills it requires to just fall into your lap once you buy the course. I do believe that pretty much anyone can learn this style, but for instance, it may take a month for a more advanced player to truly master, whereas it might take a year for a beginner, or something along those lines. So it’s really impossible for me to say for sure. However, you do get lifetime access to the course obviously, so you can always come back to it as you please.

One thing I can guarantee is that you will learn A LOT from it, and if you are just getting started in this style, then it might be actually good to have all of this knowledge and understanding from the start.

I know it’s probably not the simple answer that you’re looking for, but it’s the best one I can give at the moment without knowing you.

Can I mix and match the courses and create my own bundle?

Unfortunately, there is no option available right now to mix and match courses and create your own bundle. All bundles are currently listed on the courses page. Click here to view the bundles.

Why Learn from you when there’s so many free lessons on youtube?

I think this is a very valid question, and honestly, for some people, I think learning on Youtube is a very good option. But let’s just put this in perspective. A quick search on google for online guitar lesson shows an average of about £40 an hour. This doesn’t include high quality tabs, videos you can search back on over and over and most importantly, it’s not coming from someone who’s playing you actually want to learn (I’m assuming since you’re on this page, my covers of these songs were something you wanted to learn). If you learn on Youtube, you are learning in a very scattered way, and you will have to find some information from one person, some information from another and then get mismatching tabs or chords somewhere else. You also won’t get the insights into my gear, setup and thought processes that I provide in this lesson. You likely will have to spend a lot of valuable time looking through the countless videos trying to find the best ones, the ones that best match each other, the ones with the best guitar tones etc etc when everything you need is already organised and provided conveniently for you in this lesson.

Here’s the most important thing though – To tell you the truth, I used to learn everything free from Youtube, but I realised a few years ago that if you pay for something, your brain assigns it more value and so you automatically push yourself more in order to make the most of your investment. Because of this trick in the brain, I now pay for most things online that I want to learn because it gives me an extra layer of motivation which is EXTREMELY valuable and important in my view. And that’s not just me trying to take your money – it’s a genuine psychological trick that you can play on your brain (do your own research on this – there’s tonnes on Google about this – even a TED talk on it). If you pay money, you will get a better result, and you will become a better guitar player. Period. Invest in yourself.

Aside from all this, just go and have a look anywhere on the countless reviews of people who’ve spent money on this course and been so over the moon with it that they felt compelled to go and leave reviews and express how valuable these courses were to them. Every one of these have said ‘worth so much more than what I paid’ or ‘you get so much for the price’ or even ‘get these now before they go up to what they’re really worth’. These aren’t my words – go look at the Youtube and facebook reviews for yourself. you can contact the users yourself if you have any doubts.

2) After Buying

Which Course Should I Start With?

I can provide my own suggestions for this, but you will have to use some of your own judgement here and decide what level you are at and which course will suit that best. That being said, it’s no harm that you challenge yourself if you are most excited about any one particular course. This can also be helpful with motivation because these songs can certainly be challenging.

In terms of what’s easiest to start with, moving to what’s most challenging (in my opinion), I would suggest that you start with Bold As Love, move on to Little Wing, then Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, then finally Gravity or Lenny. This is just one idea of how to progress through the courses, so feel free to switch it around as you wish. Neon will potentially make you question your entire existence, so I’d suggest leaving this till last 🙂

How do I download videos to use offline?

To download videos to be used offline, go to the video you wish to download, and click the Vimeo link down the bottom corner of the screen. You will be taken to a page where you will have the option to download the video. Click the download button below the video and the video will start downloading.

The only real issue that I see when people are trying to download a video is that the Vimeo link is un-clickable. This happens because you are not signed in to your Vimeo account. If you do not have a Vimeo account, take 2 minutes to set one up for free so that you can download the videos. It’s worth having an account anyway, and Vimeo is a large and reputable company so you won’t get bombarded by mail from them or anything like that. You can sign up for one here. Check the video below for a walkthrough on how to download the videos.

3) I have an Issue

On the Purchase Confirmation page and in my email receipt, it says ‘no downloadable files’?

Don’t worry, this is absolutely fine, and exactly what it should say. There isn’t supposed to be any downloadable files. The courses can be found in the ‘My Dashboard’ section of the website. Here you can download the Course materials, and stream the videos for all the courses. You also have the option to download the videos to use offline. Just click on the ‘Vimeo’ logo in the bottom of any video and then click the download button. Please note that if you download any files directly to your device, it will affect your refund policy. See the ‘Refund Policy’ section below for more details.

I’m having trouble opening the tabs

In the course, I’ve included three versions of the tabs. The first two are .gp5 and .gpx files which are Guitar Pro tabs and so are so you will need the Guitar Pro software to open them. The third is a pdf file which will open on any device that can read pdfs. Most devices nowadays have software built in that can read pdfs but if yours doesn’t, you can download adobe acrobat here. The tabs are the same in all three files, but if you want to use the playback feature in Guitar Pro, you can buy the software here if you can afford it. If you do a search online, you can probably also find a free version of the software also. Once you download Guitar Pro, you should have no problems with opening the .gp5 and .gpx files.

I’m having trouble downloading a video

The most common issue that I see when people are trying to download a video is that the Vimeo link is un-clickable. This happens because you are not signed in to your Vimeo account. If you do not have a Vimeo account, take 2 minutes to set one up for free so that you can download the videos. It’s worth having an account anyway, and Vimeo is a large and reputable company so you won’t get bombarded by mail from them or anything like that. You can sign up for one here

I’ve bought your courses and everything worked fine for a while, but now they’ve disappeared from my account?

On some very rare occasions, you may lose access to your courses some time after buying them. This is likely due to a previous failed payment (from insufficient funds or some other issue) or an abandoned payment (where you get to the checkout page but then you leave) that gets ‘re-registered’ again at a later date. This causes the courses to disappear from your account. We are working hard to prevent this from happening in the first place, but if it does happen to you, please just send us an email at and we will quickly re-enroll you in your courses.

I live in Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam or another country where Vimeo is blocked?

All the videos in my courses are served via Vimeo Pro due to it’s global accessibility and quality. However, Vimeo may be blocked in a small number of countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia. If you live in one of these countries and are having trouble accessing the videos, you can follow these steps:

1. Press “download video”
2.  Copy the Vimeo link to this site
3. Save it to your device that way

Thanks to Sheryl for the information!

Refund Policy

When you purchase a course, you have 30 days to return your product for a full refund. I have done my very best to make these courses the best value for money that you can find online, but I do understand that any course may not be right for some people. Please note that if you download any of the videos or the course material, you will forfeit this 30 day guarantee, so be sure that you are happy with everything before you make any downloads by viewing all the content in your course online first. These courses take a lot of time and money to create, so if people start taking advantage of this refund policy and downloading everything and then requesting a refund, I would not be able to continue to creating more courses in the future. I hope you can understand 🙂

When your refund is processed, you will no longer be able to access your course on, though you will keep your account username and password.

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Global File Tracking

All files that are available to download on our website, including videos, tabs, pdfs etc. have in-built Global File Tracking. This means that the files are encrypted with individual codes built into each download that allows us to track files after they have been downloaded. This is to help us ensure that files have been deleted before refunds are processed. The word ‘tracking’ does not imply that we have access to any other information belonging to our customers such as location or any personal data. It only allows us to see the status of any file downloaded from on their device eg. ‘FILES STILL REMAINING’ or ‘NO FILES REMAINING’. We fully respect the privacy of all our customers, and we have ensured that this complies with all global privacy regulations.

Why Include this: Including this feature is simply to protect ourselves in the case of a user downloading files and then requesting a refund and keeping the downloaded files. If you are applying for a refund, but have downloaded any files from the courses, we are unable to process the refund until all relevant files have been deleted. This also applies to duplicate files, files that have been moved to another hard drive or computer, and/or screenshots or screen recordings.

If you wish to apply for a refund after your purchase, please contact