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Music Theory Mastery

Truly understand the mechanics of music itself. Based around guitar, but also music theory in general – never be in the dark about a music theory term or concept. Even just understanding things allows you to feel so much more confident and progress so much faster!

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Complete Video Course

Over 50 videos containing all the information you need to master music theory. There is more than 6 hours of video content where I go over each section of the course in detail and explain all concepts using a visual presentation and applying the concepts I talk about to the guitar and also the keyboard. I try to break everything down to make it as simple, interesting and easy as possible and to follow, because I know how easy it can be to completely tune out of music theory. All Products listed are digital products so will be delivered immediately after purchase!!

Resource eBook

This 161-page resource ebook is a ‘reference’ book so that once you finish the Music theory mastery course and understand all the concepts in the course, you will be able to look back on this resource ebook and check any chord, scale, table, diagram or concept and quickly find what you are looking for without having to go searching through the videos and pdfs. Your course ‘notes’, so to speak.

My Gear Rig

By buying Music Theory Mastery you also get access to this mini-course that goes into detail on every element of my gear rig that makes up my tone. I talk about the guitar, the pedals, the amp, and just discuss tone in general. My approach is simpler than you might think and can be replicated on a budget once you understand the fundamentals.

Private Facebook Group

By buying Music Theory Mastery you also get exclusive access to the private Facebook group with thousands of users from all over the world all helping each other out and discussing this style of guitar. A very supportive place and a hugely valuable resource open only for students jamieharrisonguitar.com!

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Access to the courses I've created
£ 29
  • 100+ hours of Video Lessons
  • Access to all guitar tabs
  • Tonnes of additional content like gear guides, practice templates and more

All Access Pass

All courses, all apps, all software. Every single thing I've ever released in one convenient package
£ 39
  • 100+ Hours of Video Lessons
  • Access to all guitar tabs
  • Use of the JHG Rig Audio Plugin
  • Full Access to the Guitar Gym App
  • Take your courses on your device with the JHG App
  • Download JHG Velocity on your computer to slow down, speed up, and loop videos and audio
  • Slow Down, Speed up and loop videos all across the internet with the JHG Video Controller
  • Save your favourite licks using Lick Locker