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Crossing the Bridge

Crossing the Bridge is an intermediate level course that is designed to be taken directly after The Ultimate Beginners Guide. It is the perfect ‘bridge’ between the Beginner’s course and some of the more advanced songs and courses that you will tackle at a later stage. Learn 6 classic guitar songs, each of which brings their own ‘function’ or ‘purpose’ ( a different element of guitar) to the table, and when all these functions are learned & combined, you will be in a much better place to start to attempt the more difficult pieces.

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What's Included

Complete Video Course

28 videos in Crossing the Bridge course containing all the information you need to play this song exactly like you saw in my video, including all the information on what kind of gear I was using, how to think about chords in this style, how to use your right hand correctly, note by note instruction on my version of this song, and loads more. All Products listed are digital products so will be delivered immediately after purchase!!

24 Page Resource eBook

This 24-page ebook contains fundamental information on this course and this style of playing. Here’s an excerpt from the book detailing what exactly Crossing the Bridge is designed to do “After releasing the Beginner’s course, I was blown away by the amount of hunger for something that could be taken directly after it. I decided that something was needed to allow you to ‘close the gap’ between being a beginner and being an advanced player in this style, and so “Crossing the Bridge” was born.” It also contains my best advice on getting an acoustic rig together depending on your budget type. This is ground zero – your starting point. It shouldn’t take you long to read through this but it will give you a good introduction to everything and will prime you for the rest of the course.

Guitar Tab Section

The guitar Tab section of Crossing the Bridge includes 18 files including twelve guitar pro tabs and six standard PDF tabs. With the guitar pro tab, you can actually play the tab in real time (Check out the sneak preview video to see it in action). Please note that you will need Guitar Pro to play this. If you don’t have Guitar Pro, I also included the standard tab file for you to view or print!

My Gear Rig

By buying Crossing the Bridge you also get access to this mini-course that goes into detail on every element of my gear rig that makes up my tone. I talk about the guitar, the pedals, the amp, and just discuss tone in general. My approach is simpler than you might think and can be replicated on a budget once you understand the fundamentals.

Private Facebook Group

By buying Crossing the Bridge you also get exclusive access to the private Facebook group with thousands of users from all over the world all helping each other out and discussing this style of guitar. A very supportive place and a hugely valuable resource open only for students!

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