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The World’s


Guitar Courses

on the ‘Blues-Pop’ style of some of the best guitarists of all time. Learn how to play the iconic style of Jimi Hendrix, John Mayer and SRV. Nail songs and solos by Eric Clapton, RHCP, the Dire Straits and more…


Highest-rated guitar instructor on Trustpilot with a perfect 5.0 rating especially for Hendrix Mayer & SRV style

Officially licensed by IMRO. All original artists get paid for their work

Voted best online guitar lessons by tens of thousands of students

What I Do.

“These are not your typical guitar lessons. This is a fully-fledged guitar-learning ecosystem… on steroids!”

This system is made up of 4 elements:

This is where it all began! 100+ hours of the highest-rated and reviewed guitar courses available anywhere for this style. From complete beginner to guitar wizard.

Enhance your guitar skills with our range of interactive tools. From tuning to chord charts, find everything you need to practice and play better. 

Three Software Applications to make your guitar life easier. Use the Video Controller to control the speed of videos and Looper to loop videos all across the internet with ease. Use Lick Locker to save all your favourite licks.

Like my tone? Well now you can use my amp! I’ve developed software that I use myself that you can get my exact sound!


1. The Courses


Over 100+ Hours of Top Quality Guitar Instruction

But why take my word for it? Doesn’t everyone say they are the best? All you need to do is to go to any of my videos on Youtube and try and find a comment section that is not flooded with raving reviews about how much these video courses have changed people’s lives, re-ignited their love for guitar, and made them infinitely better guitar players. Go on, I dare you 🙂 

Gear Guides

Find out the gear and the settings I used in every section of every song!

eBook, Templates & More

Practice templates, Resource eBook, Articles and chords

Guitar Tabs

Every song tabbed out in excruciating detail. Most comprehensive tabs available

Full HD Video & Sound

High-quality 1080p Video and 24bit audio recording.

Youtube Views
Satisfied Customers
Online Followers


2. The JHG Rig Audio Plugin


3. The Apps

Learn quicker than ever with the ‘Jamie Harrison Guitar‘  and ‘Guitar Gym‘ mobile and web apps, featuring some of the best games, tools, and training to improve your skills and knowledge of the guitar.

1. The JHG Method

The ultimate guitar training app. Click below why this is known as the ‘Superapp’ of Guitar Training!!

2. The JHG Course Hub

Bring your courses with you in your pocket wherever you go. Take your courses, download videos, loop videos, mark progress… this app has everything you need.



4. The Software

Every single obstacle that comes between you and easy practice, is an obstacle that should be removed. That’s why you will also gain exclusive access to the following 5 pieces of equipment I have developed.

Click on any of the images below to view all their features

The JHG Tab Player

Play all my guitar tabs online to not only see each note being played, but also HEAR it. Using the proprietary ‘Tab Reference’, each lesson now will automatically detect and loop every section you are currently working on.

JHG Velocity

Slow down, speed up, loop, change pitch, get BPM info & export any Audio or Video file!

JHG Video Controller

Slow down, speed up, loop and change pitch of any video online. Save your loops to Lick Locker! And an added bonus, skip all Youtube Ads at the touch of a button!

JHG Lick Locker

Never lose track of your favorite licks again! Save any video or part of a video online with this one-of-a-kind Chrome Extension.


Get to Know Me

Jamie Harrison


I am a guitarist from a small coastal City called Galway, which is located on the west coast of Ireland. I love music, tech and animals and my life basically consists of these three things. I’ve played guitar for about 20 years and have always loved the guitar style of artists like Hendrix, Mayer, SRV, and Eric Clapton. I wouldn’t really consider myself particularly ‘gifted’ when it comes to the guitar and have come across many others who I would consider much more innately ‘talented’.

However, I have worked at this game as long and as hard as anyone and so have somehow been able to make a living with my instrument. In being a ‘half-talent’ (ie. not being one of those aliens who picks up a guitar and is instantly Eddie Van Halen), I would consider myself much better qualified to teach you this style of music. I’ve come up against every struggle, trial, and tribulation that you could possibly come up against in learning this style of music and so I know the difficulties, and more importantly, I know how to get around each and every one.


Wear it!

Finally, our merch range is designed to help you remember the concepts that I teach in this course. So that if you’re trying to remember what you learned, you can see it every time you look in the mirror, every have a cup of coffee or every time you’re going to sleep. Drill. it. in.


What My Students are Saying

I am so honored to be the highest-rated guitar instructor on Trustpilot, the world’s largest independent review platform. On Trustpilot, millions of people can rate their true, genuine experience of a company freely and companies can’t display fake reviews they’ve just constructed themselves as they can do on their own websites. Here is just a small sample of some of the amazing reviews, taken from real, verified users directly from Trustpilot. 

Kevin McDougal
Kevin McDougal
Read More
I already knew that Jamie had mastered things that I needed to learn just from the YouTube videos alone, but I was blown away by the depth of technique and nuanced approach to the "feel" and ownership of the sound that he teaches! I've grown tired of just getting a tab or the chords of a song because what I really want in my musical pursuit is to own the sound and express music the way I feel it and want to share it. This is the first time I've started to understand this at this level. Thanks Jamie!
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I'm already enrolled since 2020 with Jamie Harrison guitar courses. I have the everything bundle (all the courses are just mind-blowing), I have the JHG Method which is magnificent (this is almost a lifetime project, there is everything you need to know of every little aspects, secrets, tips and tricks on the guitar). Now just got myself the JHG Rig and again it's wonderful. If you're looking for Jamie's secret tone that's the way to go 🙂 Responsiveness, friendliness are beyond expectations. Best purchase ever! 🙂
Jonathan Staves
Jonathan Staves
Read More
I’ve purchased many courses in my pursuit of guitar mastery and Jamie’s the only one I’ve come back for a repeat purchase. Beyond the fact that the quality of the content is obviously amazing, he is a real down to Earth caring individual as well. I always buy “why” someone does something and not just the “what”. Jamie is passionate about music and wants to share it with the world. He’s created a community that embodies this same values. Don’t delay. Come be a part of this beautiful thing he’s created.
Matt Gordon
Matt Gordon
Read More
If you're interested in starting your guitar journey or building on your skills, Jamie is one of the best. Amazing player, beautiful tone and smart easy to follow tutorials. I came across Jamie's cover of Gravity on youtube which absolutely blew my mind. I immediately jumped on his website and purchased a few tracks. I am extremely happy with how well he teaches content, supports the learner and fosters a great learning environment and experience. He re-ignited my passion for learning and playing again after a hiatus from gigging. Thanks Jamie. Enjoy learning to become a better player and adding a few bangers to your repertoire!


1 Guitar Lesson a month

Based on the average cost of a Guitar Lesson in the U.S of $40 for a 30-minute lesson, even if you only used your subscription for 1 hour a month, you’d still be saving money! And no other guitar lesson offers anywhere near what you get here! This is, without doubt, the most comprehensive and advanced learning system in the world to master this style of music.

All Courses

Access to the courses I've created
£ 29
  • 100+ hours of Video Lessons
  • Access to all guitar tabs
  • Tonnes of additional content like gear guides, practice templates and more

All Access Pass

All courses, all apps, all software. Every single thing I've ever released in one convenient package
£ 39
  • 100+ Hours of Video Lessons
  • Access to all guitar tabs
  • Use of the JHG Rig Audio Plugin
  • Full Access to the Guitar Gym App
  • Take your courses on your device with the JHG App
  • Download JHG Velocity on your computer to slow down, speed up, and loop videos and audio
  • Slow Down, Speed up and loop videos all across the internet with the JHG Video Controller
  • Save your favourite licks using Lick Locker

Software Suite

Software and Apps to make your guitar journey more enjoyable
£ 19
  • Slow down, Speed up and change the pitch of videos with the JHG Video Controller
  • Loop sections of videos with the JHG Video Controller
  • Slow down, speed up, and loop audio right on your device with the JHG Audio Controller
  • Get my exact guitar tone with the JHG Rig Audio Plugin

All Courses

Access to the courses I've created
£ 249
  • 100+ hours of Video Lessons
  • Access to all guitar tabs
  • Tonnes of additional content like gear guides, practice templates and more

All Access Pass

Every single thing I've ever released in one convenient package
£ 319
  • 100+ Hours of Video Lessons
  • Access to all Guitar Tabs
  • Use of the JHG Rig Audio Plugin
  • Full Access to the Guitar Gym App
  • Take your courses on your device with the JHG App
  • Download JHG Velocity on your computer to slow down, speed up, and loop videos and audio
  • Slow Down, Speed up and loop videos all across the internet with the JHG Video Controller
  • Save your favourite licks using Lick Locker

Software Suite

Software Tools and Apps to make your guitar journey more enjoyable
£ 149
  • Slow down and Speed up videos with the JHG Video Controller
  • Loop sections of videos with the JHG Looper
  • Slow down, speed up, and loop audio right on your device with the JHG Audio Controller
  • Get my exact guitar tone with the JHG Rig Audio Plugin

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The Courses

"Quite simply the best courses available on the Hendrix Mayer SRV Style, and I've just about tried em all"
Cameron Maddox
Guitarist & Student of JHG

There are three types of JHG Courses…

1. Song Courses

Learn all the songs you've seen me play, including all the tiniest details that make up the 'feel' of these songs.

2. Fundamentals

The more 'general' musical concepts such as Beginners Strumming to Music Theory, to Improvisation, and everything in between.

3. Miscellaneous Courses

Anything that is a little bit 'outside' the regular categories of songs and general courses. Guitar Care, and Maintenance, The Thumb and Rake, and Practice Routines


The Songs

Check out all the songs below that are included in the All Access Pass. Each song is taught note for note what you heard me play in my cover.


The Fundamentals

All the ‘general’ courses that are included as part of the All-Access Pass. These courses will really help you understand every element of what you are doing.


Miscellaneous Courses

All the courses that don’t fit into a particular category like the above two. Learn other concepts related to music and the Guitar.


What’s Included

Full Video Course

Full HD video and sound is the main component of every course. Follow along as I take you step-by-step through the entire journey from beginner or intermediate to absolute expert. The most detailed video lessons available anywhere!

JHG Resource eBook

This 24-page eBook contains information on the techniques you need to prepare yourself to play in this style. It includes some notes on techniques, my best advice on getting a rig together depending on three different budget types; low, medium, and high. Also, just some funnny guitar pictures :-D

Guitar Tabs & Chords

For each of the songs I play, I have created immensely detailed guitar tabs containing every note that I play, every layer I use (in my looping) and every slide and bend that came up in my cover. All tabs contain timing and musical notation (for those brave enough).

Gear Breakdowns

For each of the songs that I play, I include the exact gear that I use, along with the settings on each piece of gear. This is all presented in a full-color pdf with easy to read images of all my settings.

Looping Breakdowns

For the songs that I use a looper, I include a looping breakdown. I sometimes use pretty complex looping so it can be tricky to see what I’m doing, but the looping breakdown solves all this. These may come in the form of a video or in a pdf document, but both breakdown each layer of loops that I use.

Charts, Tables & Diagrams

In the ‘Fundamentals’ courses, there are many tables, charts and diagrams that help you to learn the ins and outs of music theory, guitar theory, chord theory, and just guitar in general, and while I include these in the videos, I also include them as their own pdf document for you to download or print.

Backing Tracks

For the songs that have a distinct ‘backing track’ ie. the songs where I use a looper and solo over some backing chords that I’ve set up, I have included the backing track for the full song, and also the backing track for just the solo. Very useful for those without a looper or way of recording themselves playing chords.


Sneak Peak

Take a look inside a courses and see what your members Dashboard will look like once you register

The ultimate guitar app collection

The JHG Apps

Transform your guitar skills with apps designed to inspire and empower your musical journey

Learn From Anywhere

Having this app in your pocket means that you can practice your skill from anywhere and everywhere. On the train or bus? A coffee shop? In bed? At the back of the classroom? Or basically, anywhere you don’t have access to a guitar? You can still be training your ears to hear and identify any sound.

Man on phone at coffee shop

Built on the latest Tech

Our suite of apps is built on the latest versions of some of the world’s top development platforms, all created from scratch with fully optimized, proprietary code. These cutting-edge technologies ensure that we have full control over every aspect of these apps, guaranteeing top-notch speed and performance. Furthermore, our flexibility to tweak the code, continuously enhance the apps, and seamlessly integrate any additional features requested by our community is boundless, without any constraints from ‘App Builder’ software. In essence, these apps have been meticulously crafted using 1’s and 0’s, so the only limitations are our creative imaginations.

Computer code on screens

Carry guitar tools in your pocket. 

The JHG App Collection

Presenting a comprehensive collection of eleven applications, each featuring its unique tool.

JHG Course Hub

Enhance your musical journey with the JHG Course Hub by Jamie Harrison Guitar, offering convenient access, learning, and downloading of courses on the go. Seamlessly resume your progress and master the guitar at your own pace. Download now and take your Jamie Harrison Guitar courses with you. Subscription to the All Access Pass or All Course Pass is required to access courses, with users of individual courses also able to obtain content access.

JHG Rhythm Tookit

Introducing – a music app with three powerful tools: JHG Metronome for diverse time signatures and BPM options, JHG Tap Tempo for easy song tempo determination, and JHG Speed Trainer for mastering technical skills. Enhance your musical practice seamlessly with this comprehensive toolkit.

JHG Dictionaries

Access comprehensive information on chords, scales, and arpeggios with a user-friendly app. Identify unfamiliar fingerings or explore different positions effortlessly, expanding your musical knowledge and repertoire. The app offers precise details on various voicings, fingerings, and patterns, enhancing your understanding of chords, scales, and arpeggios.

JHG Ear Training

Designed for enthusiasts and aspiring musicians alike, this focused app offers a comprehensive approach to ear training. Its modules concentrate on chords, scales, intervals, and more, providing users with an interactive learning experience. By listening to a variety of sounds and selecting the corresponding options on the screen, users actively engage in the learning process. With regular use, this app sharpens listening skills, enhancing the ability to recognize diverse musical sounds. The benefits extend to musicality, improvisation, and a deeper understanding of music theory.

JHG Drills

The app provides an audio companion for practicing scales. In the Drills module, select the scale, position, and speed. The Keys feature plays the chosen scale, aiding your understanding of its sound and pattern. This guide helps internalize the scale’s sound, improve technique, and develop fluency. Practice scales with the audio companion for refined playing and an intuitive understanding across the fretboard.

JHG Looper

The JHG Looper is a versatile tool for musicians, providing an easy way to create loops for practice, improvisation, and composition. It offers hands-free operation, flexible loop customization, and two modes (Automatic and Manual). Embrace the power of looping for new musical expressions, whether you’re a solo performer, in a band, or a composer.

JHG Tuner

A tuner for guitars offers “Full Tune” to analyze each string for automatic feedback and “Quick Tune” for ear adjustments. Both features assist in achieving accurate tuning.

JHG Fretboard Trainer

The Fretboard Trainer is a valuable tool for musicians aiming to swiftly learn every note on their instrument’s fretboard. Essential for guitarists and bassists, it offers focused or comprehensive string exercises. Specific notes are called out for quick identification, reinforcing knowledge efficiently. The Trainer’s gamified approach transforms learning into an engaging challenge, making it enjoyable and motivating. Consistent use leads to internalizing fretboard notes, enhancing skills for improvisation, chord construction, and musical exploration.

JHG Backing Tracks

Create personalized, professionally recorded backing tracks with customizable rhythm, length (up to 16 bars), key, tonality, and instrumentation. The app includes a Challenge Tracks module for soloing and improvisation practice.

JHG Guitar Coach

The JHG Guitar Coach app improves your fretboard proficiency by challenging you to quickly locate and play chords, scales, and other musical elements based on auditory cues. Enhance your fretboard familiarity, muscle memory, and fingerboard awareness to navigate confidently through chords, scales, and intricate passages.

JHG Practice Routines

The Practice Routine App is a personalized training tool adaptable to various skills beyond music. It tailors exercises to your proficiency level, allowing you to set and track goals while providing targeted workouts. This ensures efficient practice sessions, facilitating mastery in your chosen skill.


JHG Software

"Use technology to your advantage, and not as an obstacle. Make. Practice. Easy!"

Here are the four pieces of software included in your membership

JHG Velocity

The ultimate Audio and Video controller. Slow down and speed up any audio or video file in seconds. Convert and export files for later, including the ability to export sections of a file. Want to work on a particular lick? Loop it over and over and slow it down to nail it! Accurate to the nearest millisecond!

JHG Lick Locker

Have you ever seen someone play something awesome on a video and then forgotten about it later? Now you can save and organize all your favourite licks with Lick Locker. Save full videos or sections of a video into your own custom profile. Never forget or lose track of your favourite licks again!

JHG Video Controller

So you have JHG Velocity, but you want to slow down and speed up videos online? Enter JHG Video Controller - easily slow down, speed up and loop sections of a video anywhere online.

JHG Tab Player

Play all tabs directly on my website and upload your own. Hear the music as you see it. Using our own in house system called Tab Reference, pin point the exact part of the tab that every course video is teaching.

And of course, in true JHG fashion...

Includes a full Course

I have included a full instructional guide free for each of these pieces of software. Included is my own guide to using the software, how to get the most out of them.


The JHG Rig

“This is the closest thing to a ‘Magic Bullet’ that you will find to get my exact guitar tone. For a fraction of the price!”

Built for Myself - Gifted to you

This incredible piece of software was originally created to recreate my exact tone for MYSELF while I was traveling or had no access to my studio. I tried every other plugin on the market and none of them got it right, no matter how big the company or how big the budget. They always had a focus on driven and distorted tones, but not one that I tried nailed that warm clean tone. So I took it upon myself to create my own, took no shortcuts, spared no expense, and worked side by side with an incredible developer for over a year in order to acheive the best possible tone, in the most convenient and easy to use package!

Meticulously crafted from the ground up

This audio plugin takes my exact amp, pedals and mastering chain, sends it through thousands of different methods of analysis to replicate my exact tone. It is then rounded, warmed, and fattened through pedals and mixing/mastering hardware and finally it is fine tuned by the ears of yours truly to give it the most beautiful and accurate tone possible.

Used on my own Songs

What's the biggest test of whether I myself think this is high quality or not? Well, I release my own music that uses it! Every company will tell you their product is the best, but there's not many who can stand behind what they do so much, that they actually have released their own songs using it - when they also have access to the rig it's based upon! I've used this plugin on multiple songs I've released (I have millions of streams on Spotify), even though I have access to the real equipment, and will continue to use it for my own projects.


What’s Inside

The JHG Rig is made up of three distinct sections, to give you everything you need for the perfect guitar tone, in an easy-to-use, beautifully designed package.

Section 1: The Amplifier

Getting started with the perfect foundation is the most important part of a great tone. With a warm, lush and 'creamy' tone, the amplifier in the JHG Rig is based on my very own amplifier, combined with the EQ I use to really make it pop. Modeled to perfection, dressed up in vintage clothing :)

Section 2: The Pedalboard

You don't need a million pedals for incredible tone. However, there are a few must-haves that should be on every guitarist's setup. The JHG Rig features my minimal, but high-end pedalboard, featuring a Compressor, Overdrive, Delay and Reverb pedal, modelled after my favourite pedals in the world.

Section 3: The Mastering Chain

To finish off your sound and add a touch of 'polish' I've included a 4-band Equalizer, with my own proprietary programming, and a FET compressor modeled after one of the most famous pieces of studio hardware ever made. Both are adjusted to suit guitar players with none of the extra unnecessary fluff.


Use one of the official JHG Presets included with your purchase or create your own to get quick access to your favorite tones. The official nine included presets feature everything from dry studio tones to atmospheric cleans and fully driven leads for big dirty solos. 


Hear it in Action

All sounds below were recorded using The JHG Rig and a pretty midrange Mexican Made 60’s style Fender Stratocaster.  There are no external sounds or post-processing applied.

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room (Clean)

La Grange (Slightly overdriven blues)

Comfortably Numb - Solo (Epic driven solo)

Available as...


For Recording

Available as AU and VST plugins, this makes The JHG Rig usable in all major DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations – Recording Software) including Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Ableton and tonnes more… Just add the plugin on any audio track and hear your guitar come to life!


For Live Performance or Practice

Just want to practice? Or even use it to play a live show? You can also run the plugin as a standalone software, with no DAW necessary. Just plug in your guitar, set your computer’s output to your speakers or headphones and you’ll get all the benefits of the plugin without the need for any additional software!

And of course, in true JHG fashion...

Includes a full Course

I have included a Full instructional Course when you buy this plugin. Included is my own guide to using the plugin, how to get the most out of it, the basics of tone shaping, fx and mixing and mastering sounds to acheive your perfect tone.


The JHG Method

Just calling this an ‘app’ feels like a drastic underestimation of what it can do… It’s more like a 20 apps-in-one ‘Super-app’!

Training &Tools Section

The JHG Method is made up of 2 main sections; Training and Tools. The Training section can be used to improve your ear, develop speed, improve fretboard knowledge and agility. The Tools can be used to get in time, loop your playing, keep time, create backing tracks, tune your guitar and more! Each section has many of it's own modules, so in reality it's like 20 apps in 1!

Man on phone at coffee shop

Learn From Anywhere

Having this app in your pocket means that you can practice your skill from anywhere and everywhere. On the train or bus? A coffee shop? In bed? At the back of the classroom? Or basically, anywhere you don't have access to a guitar? You can still be training your ears to hear and identify any sound.

Computer code on screens

Built on the latest Tech

The JHG Method App is built on the latest version of one of the world's top game development platforms, created from scratch with fully optimized, proprietary C# code. All these techy buzzwords basically mean that I own every last section of this app, and so have made sure it's the best for speed and performance. Additionally, we can tweak the code, improve it endlessly, and app any additional features our community desires without any limitations from 'App Builder' software. Basically, this app has been built with 1's and 0's, so the only limitation is our imagination.


The Modules

There are a total of 21 different Training Modules and 10 different tools. Each module could be an app in and of itself!

Section 1: Training

Fretboard Trainer

The quickest way to get to know every note on the fretboard. We all know we should know all the notes, but wow is it boring to try learn these. Well, now you can learn them using the fretboard trainer! Take one string at a time, or take all 6, and challenge yourself to find all the notes that are being called out!

'Name the' Modules

'Name the' Modules are Ear Training Modules that allow you to listen to a sound that is being played, and choose which sound that is using the buttons on the screen. There are 'Name the' modules for Chords, Scales, Intervals, 3rds, 4ths and 6ths, Arpeggios, Chord Progressions and Chord Tones. Train your ear to hear and immediately absolutely any musical sound!!!

'Play the' Modules

'Play the' modules are fretboard mastery modules, which call out a Chord, Scales, Interval, 3rds, 4ths and 6ths, Arpeggios, Chord Progressions or Chord Tones, and it's position on the fretboard and you have to find it as fast as you can. For example, hear 'C Chord, D Shape' being called out, and you must jump to that chord as fast as you can.


See a jumble of letter on the screen and identify exactly which key is being shown. A super quick way to get to know what notes and chords are in every single key.


Not sure about the sound of your scales yet? Not familiar with all positions? Set the scale, position and speed that you would like to work on in the Drills module and have an audio companion play out that scale along with you.

Section 2: Tools

Backing Tracks

One of the coolest features of the app is the ability to make your own custom made backing tracks. Select your rhythm, length, key, chords, tonality and solo along to professionally recorded backing tracks. Add or remove bass and drums, and add in 'Challenges' with Challenge Tracks to really push your soloing to the next level.


Seen someone play a chord or scale you don't know? Want to see all positions and shapes of a chord or scale? The dictionary modules allow you to do just that! Just enter what chord you saw and we'll tell you what chord or scale that is, or else enter the name of a chord or scale and we'll show you all possible positions and shapes of that scale/chord.


Always need a tuner right? Included are two fully customisable tuners, Use 'Full Tune' to play your guitar into your device and it will tell you if you are in tune or not, or "Quick Tune", where you can play each string to get a quick idea of where you should be!

Tap Tempo

Would you like to know what speed (BPM) a song is being played at? Tap the big blue button along to the beat and we'll tell you exactly what speed the song is!


Get an old school, vintage metronome and adjust it to whatever speed you want to learn at!

Speed Trainer

An extension of the Metronome module, use the speed trainer to set a starting BPM, set an ending BPM to gradually speed up as you go when learning a new lick, riff or scale.


Included is a looper so that you can get quick loops recorded to play along to. Set the timing, BPM, Bars, Automatic or Manual looping and get recording!


The Leaderboards

Compete with other users and see your name on the official JHG Leaderboard, or even in the number 1 spot on the JHG Trophy for the following modules:

And of course, in true JHG fashion...

Includes a Full Course

I have included a full instructional course when you buy this plugin. Included is my own guide to using the plugin, how to get the most out of it, the basics of tone shaping, fx and mixing and mastering sounds to acheive your perfect tone.


The JHG Course HUB

“Login, take your courses, download your courses to view offline, loop videos, slow down and speed up videos. A simple app to make your life easier”

Take your Courses

It’s easy to take your courses on a laptop or a computer, but if you don’t have access to one, sometimes logging in on the phone and using websites can be a little bit of a drag on mobile devices. That’s where the JHG Course Hub comes in. Stay logged in on your mobile and navigate much easier than on a mobile browser. And no worries about logging yourself out when you… ahem… clear your browser history

Download your Videos

If you’re going to be without wifi for a while, or simply don’t want to stream video on your data plan, you can quickly and easily download courses for use offline. Use all the app’s features when offline, and never miss an opportunity to practice because of your internet connection.

Built on the latest Tech

The JHG Course Hub is built on the latest versions of HTML, CSS and Javascript and so has been fully optimized for speed and performance. This app has been built from scratch, and I own the entire code. This means that we can add and remove features, further improve anything and everything and quickly resolve any issues. The only limit is our imagination!

Computer code on screens


How it Works

This is the much simpler app, and although it’s fairly straightforward, here’s a quick look inside the app so you can see how it works.

Take Your Courses

Access all your courses in the app. Each courses is divided into Lessons and Topics just like on the website.

Inside a Course

Access to all video lessons, course materials, and performances of a song. Play, download, and learn guitar lessons from any course.

Speed Up, Slow Down & Loop Videos

Use the speed settings in each video to set your ideal speed to learn, loop sections of a video, and download videos to use offline

Hover over any of the '+' icons below to see what it does

Hover over any of the '+' icons below to see what it does

Hover over any of the '+' icons below to see what it does

Hover over any of the '+' icons below to see what it does


About Me


Hello, my name is Jamie

I guess I should have gotten someone else to write my About section. They would have been able to say all sorts of great ‘market-y’ things about me. They would have told you that you HAVE to spend money with me or miss out on the best investment in your guitar playing life and in your life in general. That I will go down in history as the greatest guitar instructor of all time and YOU’LL miss out. That if you don’t buy NOW, the price will go up by thousands… So GIVE.ME.YOUR.MONEY.NOW!

But… I’m a straight shooter.

If I say something about myself, whether it’s good or bad, I say it it’s because it’s true. I’m not an ‘influencer’ or a ‘marketer’ so won’t give the same BS that you get from them all the time to try and convince you to part with your hard-earned money. Yes, I’ve played in front of thousands of people, I’ve travelled the world with my guitar, I’ve met and worked with lots of amazing people, but I’d prefer you to see the more ‘real’ side of my life, and not just the highlight reel where I show you how amazing and glamorous me and my life are. Us Irish folk are known to have a certain humility that makes us pretty bad at self-promotion and marketing, but also has given us a reputation as being pretty authentic people. It’s a character trait that’s bred into us from when we were kids, for better or for worse.

So, yeah… I’m just a dude. From Ireland. Loves music. Loves film. Loves tech.

For years I busked (street-performed) around the world with my guitar. I would turn up in a new city and play every day I could. It wasn't always glamorous, but it taught me my craft and helped me put food on the table at the same time. By doing this, I realized that I could make money doing something I actually enjoyed (my previous job had been as a dishwasher). So I worked at it. Oh boy, did I work at it. In each city, there are typically 'spots' that are far enough away from each other so that you don't compete with the music of the next busker. More often than not, you'd wait for a couple of hours to get one of these spots and would play for 40mins - 2 hours, depending on the regulations of the city. Most other buskers would generally come out for a couple of hours each day, whereas I would often do 18-hour days to try and make use of every possible busking spot I could work.

My girlfriend Silvia and I at a wedding in Germany.

I used the money I made to pay for my food and rent, buy some nice guitars, camera equipment and lights, and then put whatever was left into helping others. I met some wonderful homeless people on the streets who I would try to help by buying food and clothes and I donated the earnings of my busiest week of the year to a 3-year-old girl with Neuroblastoma, a rare form of children’s cancer. This story later went viral and snowballed into a huge national campaign to raise money for the disease. I say this not for a pat on the back for my charitable efforts, but to point out that this all came from a couple of wires on a piece of wood, and a determination to make a difference. In my mind, others needed the money more than me, and if I could do something to help, then I would. And as such, It went far beyond just ‘I’ll play you some nice songs and you enjoy them’ and actually was making a genuine difference in the world. 

Following this, I put a few guitar covers of songs I like to play on Youtube. I always knew I could play half-decently from the response I would get from people, but never thought I was particularly amazing or anything. I had known how much I had struggled to get to the point of being able to play these songs. How many bum notes had been hit over the years, how many wrong strings had been strummed, and how many questions I had asked of myself (Am I good enough? Maybe I don’t have what it takes. Should I do something else etc.). However, all the videos I uploaded were quickly becoming the highest-viewed versions of all of these songs online, and the comments I was getting were suggesting otherwise.


People started asking me to show them how to play like that, and to demonstrate how I sound the way I do. I had been teaching guitar privately for many years at this point and had a pretty flawless track record for getting students results. So I did. I created and sold my first course for $5 and sold an average of about one every other month. Not exactly a get-rich-quick scheme, but I continued teaching and busking to make ends meet. After about two years, I thought it might be nice to get $10 every other month instead of $5. So I made another. And another.

My parents and my two sisters at our Irish home for my Dads 65th birthday. My Dad gave me my first guitar, and more importantly my first lesson

Over time, the courses grew, and the response also grew to the point where it became almost unbelievable. The feedback from people who had taken the courses was beyond incredible. People were genuinely emailing me to tell me how their lives had been changed by the courses. That I had ignited a motivation and inspiration in them that they hadn’t had for years. That I had helped them get the girl they wanted (or many of the girls they wanted) through the irresistible pull that musicians who can actually play seem to have over the opposite sex. That I had helped them get through their cancer treatment, or get over the loss of a loved one by finally learning ‘their’ song. That I had helped them set up a new band, which is now touring all over the world, get over their guitar-playing plateau, love music again, and finally understand the mechanics of the fretboard… The list goes on…

I would message other people completely unrelated to the guitar about something also completely unrelated and they would say ‘OMG you’re Jamie Harrison, I love your stuff dude’, or I would get recognized in a local park or in the music shops thousands of miles from my hometown. People were truly loving these courses, and clearly, I was doing something that was genuinely making a difference to people’s lives.

I do have a more backstory which I might go into more detail if people want to hear more, but for those of you who don't care about my time living in a van, performing on streets all over the world, or producing songs with Coldplay's producer, or the fact that I have millions of streams on my own music as a singer and songwriter. I'll spare you the details here.  For now, you can rest assured that I'm now here to serve you. I have made a platform that I guarantee you will love. I have built technology that I guarantee you will love. I have built a community that I guarantee you will love. I have customer support that I guarantee you will love. And if you don't, I'll give you your money back.

My earliest childhood friends. Have known these guys since we were babies. I used to be in a band with Conor, the guy on the right

“Invest in yourself, invest in the process, and you will be rewarded many times over”